54 Celsius PyroPet HOPPA (Bunny) decorative candle Black I.

54 Celsius PyroPet HOPPA (Bunny) decorative candle Black I.
54 Celsius PyroPet HOPPA (Bunny) decorative candle Black I.
17 cm

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Fragrance description 54 Celsius PyroPet HOPPA (Bunny)

Do you love surprises? Even those that are a little scary? Then watch this adorable black bunny turn into a creepy skeleton right in front of your eyes. How is it possible? It’s simple – the 54 Celsius PyroPet HOPPA bunny hides a chilling little secret!

The Icelandic name Hoppa tells you what you can expect from this candle. The bunny quickly changes form, literally jumps out of its skin and shows you its true nature.


  • when lit, the bunny-shaped candle reveals its macabre secret
  • ideal gift for all who love bunnies and animals in general
  • gradual reveal of the skeleton makes for a fun experience
  • after the wax has burnt down, the remaining skeleton will be a beautiful home accessory


  • paraffin, cotton wick, metal skeleton

How to use:
The use of the designer PyroTek candles is just as unique as their design. Unlike regular candles, they release a large amount of liquid wax while burning, which is why you should always place the candle on a solid surface area at least 25cm in diameter before lighting it. For safety reasons, do not touch the skeleton while the candle is burning or afterwards when it’s still hot. Trim the wick if it’s more than 0.5 cm long while being used. Don’t leave a burning candle unattended or in close proximity to flammable objects. Keep the product away from children and pets.


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