54 Celsius PyroPet HOPPA (Bunny) decorative candle peach

54 Celsius PyroPet HOPPA (Bunny) decorative candle peach
54 Celsius PyroPet HOPPA (Bunny) decorative candle peach
17 cm

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Description 54 Celsius PyroPet HOPPA (Bunny)

Hop hop hurray! At first glance, the peach-coloured PyroPet HOPPA candle looks like a fluffy bunny, but there’s a gruesome surprise inside! As the wax melts away, a little metal skeleton slowly appears. You might find it slightly morbid, but it makes for a fun and completely unique little visual interest for your home.

Hoppa means “jump” in Icelandic and the word is often used as a name for pet bunnies. When the little Hoppa rabbit reveals his true character, you too might jump with surprise. Enjoy the spooky candle yourself or buy it as a gift – whether you tell the receiver what they might expect or not is up to you.


  • the cute bunny reveals its true scary face during burning
  • great for those who love unique design pieces, bunnies, or animals in general
  • this unusual candle can be a one-of-a-kind gift
  • minimalist novelty design is great for any interior


  • paraffin, cotton wick, metal skeleton

How to use:
Every 54 Celsius PyroPets candle burns and melts in its own unique way which differs from standard candles. During the process, the candle might release more than the normal amount of liquid wax, which is why it should be placed on a solid surface at least 25cm in diameter. Don’t touch the skeleton while the candle is burning and right afterwards as it’s still hot. If the wick is longer than 0.5cm, trim it. Never leave a burning candle unsupervised or near flammable objects.


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