Alfaparf Milano Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Rehydrating Mask for All Hair Types

Alfaparf Milano Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Rehydrating Mask for All Hair Types
Alfaparf Milano Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Rehydrating Mask for All Hair Types
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Description Alfaparf Milano Lisse Design Keratin Therapy

Treat your hair to the very best care, leaving it perfectly nourished and unbelievably shiny. The Alfaparf Milano Lisse Design Keratin Therapy rehydrating mask restores the hair fibres perfectly, whilst the precious Amazonian oil contributes to slowing down the hair’s natural drying process.


  • prolongs the hair’s smooth appearance by at least three months
  • gives the hair fibre a necessary boost of hydration
  • helps slow down the hair’s natural drying process
  • leaves the hair perfectly nourished and naturally shiny
  • contributes to easier detangling of hair


  • Kera-Collagen complex – an innovative complex based on biomimetic quaternised keratin, which targets the structure of the hair and strengthens the hair fibre
  • Babassu oil – a precious Amazonian oil with extraordinary softening properties gives hair a soft, silky and glossy appearance
  • formaldehyde-free  

How to apply:
Apply a sufficient amount of the Alfaparf Milano Lisse Design Keratin Therapy mask to damp and washed hair. Leave in for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly.


Hair type
all hair types
Scalp skin type
all scalp types

About the brand Alfaparf Milano

Alfaparf Milano cosmetics | Alfaparf Milano – professionalism and Italian style in hair care. Alfaparf Milano is Italy’s leading brand of professional hair products. They have been developing hair care, styling products, and hair dyes for 30 years in collaboration with leading global hair stylists and beauty salons. The most advanced technology and a deep knowledge of both the market and the needs of hair professionals, as well as other customers, are all behind every product.
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Alfaparf Milano, striving daily to give your hair the very best. In collaboration with hair professionals from around the world. With pride and passion.

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