âme pure WrinklEraser™ Basic Cosmetic Set II. for Women

âme pure WrinklEraser™ Basic Cosmetic Set II. for Women
âme pure WrinklEraser™ Basic Cosmetic Set II. for Women

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CIT Face Roller microneedle applicator for Face + WrinklEraser™ Intensive Anti-Age Serum 30 ml + Sanitizer Spray Universal Cleanser in Spray for Brushes, Tools and Hands 12 ml

Monday 19/04/2021
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Monday 19/04/2021

Description âme pure WrinklEraser™ Basic

Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines in only 1 week? No problem. Âme Pure WrinklEraser™ Basic Cosmetic Kit II. for women contains a micro-needling roller and an anti-wrinkle treatment. This set will help you effectively eliminate wrinkles as well as dark spots, large pores or unwanted colour. Embark on a journey towards gorgeous skin with this comprehensive kit.


  • a set for the reduction of unwanted signs of skin ageing
  • dermatologically tested
  • increases collagen production in the skin by 200%
  • micro needles help your skin absorb the active ingredients of the gel up to 1000× better

Set includes:

  • CIT Face Roller micro-needling derma roller for face
  • WrinklEraser™ intensive anti-wrinkle treatment, 30ml
  • universal Sanitizer Spray (for brushes, hands and cosmetic tools), 12ml


  • altogether 12% of active ingredients including 2% of Betox-93®
  • free of phthalates, silicones, sulphates and GMO

How to use:
Start by cleansing your skin. Use the spray to disinfect your hands, the micro-needling roller and your face. Use a cotton pad to apply the product to your face. Massage your face in light strokes using the derma roller. The micro-needles will prepare your skin up to 1000× better for the absorption of the emulsion. Apply the gel to your face.
Never use the derma roller 2 days in a row. Use 2–4× a week and then skip one week to give your skin enough time to heal. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.


Complexion type
Wrinkles and Mature Skin
Anti-ageing, Anti Age Spots, Pore-minimising, Anti-redness, strengthening
Type of set
Economy Pack
Sun Protection
without SPF
When to use
day and night

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