Antonio PuigQuorum Aftershave Water for Men

Antonio Puig Quorum Aftershave Water for Men
Antonio Puig Quorum Aftershave Water for Men
100 ml

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Monday 04/10/2021
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Monday 04/10/2021

Description Antonio Puig Quorum

This product will soothe your skin after shaving, give it a lovely scent and complement the fragrance from the same line. Antonio Puig Quorum after-shave care is perfect for a modern man who likes to take care of himself.


  • prevents skin irritation
  • makes skin smell pleasant
  • refreshes pleasantly
  • pair with the fragrance for a wonderful gift



About the brand Antonio Puig

Antonio Puig was a Spanish writer who became interested in making perfumes and so he founded a company bearing his name in 1914. It currently covers several smaller brands, making fragrances for Zara, Mango, and others.  
The company’s seminal event took place in 1980, when Antonio Puig signed an agreement with the Carolina Herrera brand to create and sell their fragrances and the company’s success spread to the fashion industry, where other fashion brands also demanded their perfect skill of creating unique scents. Antonio Puig also produces fragrances for many celebrities which then bear their name, such as one of the first fragrances by Antonio Banderas or one of the most recent fragrances by Shakira.  
In conclusion, we have to say that Antonio Puig is a true master in translating the spirit and style of individual fashion brands into the world of perfumes.

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