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Arcocere After Wax Phyto gel gel anti-hair regrowth
Arcocere After Wax Phyto gel gel anti-hair regrowth
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A caring gel that ensures smooth skin even weeks after epilation.

Does it seem as if a few days after epilation you can already see new hair on your legs and you should start the whole process again? The Arcocere After Wax Phyto gel slows down hair regrowth to extend the time between shaving or epilation. Your skin will be beautifully soft, nourished and soothed, whilst fruit enzymes ensure thorough exfoliation to alleviate the problem of ingrown hairs.


  • reduces and slows down hair regrowth after epilation and depilation
  • cares for your skin, soothes, alleviates irritation and redness
  • has exfoliating effects, removes dead skin cells
  • tightens pores, helps prevent ingrown hairs
  • leaves the skin hydrated, smooth and soft
  • is gentle and also suitable for sensitive skin
  • has a pleasant, soothing fragrance


  • Mix Oxi Stop complex – slows down hair regrowth
  • witch hazel – acts as an antioxidant, has astringent properties, alleviates redness
  • glycerine – binds moisture, hydrates and softens the skin
  • panthenol – has moisturising and soothing effects, improves skin hydration
  • papaya and pineapple enzymes – remove dead skin particles, help prevent ingrown hairs and clogged pores
  • aloe vera extract – soothes irritated skin, has regenerating and moisturising effects
  • extracts of mimosa, celandine and devil’s claw – remove hardened skin, relieve irritation

How to apply:
Soon after removing the hair, apply an appropriate amount of the Arcocere After Wax Phyto hair growth inhibitor gel to clean skin. Massage in light circular motions until the gel is completely absorbed. For best results, use daily for several weeks after epilation or depilation.

ArcocereAfter Wax Phyto gel gel anti-hair regrowth

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