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Arcocere Professional Wax Natural hair removal wax roll-on
Arcocere Professional Wax Natural hair removal wax roll-on
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Skin typeall skin types

Do you want to remove unwanted hair for longer and take care of your skin at the same time? The Arcocere Professional Wax Natural epilating wax roll-on removes hair from the root for a truly long-lasting, smooth skin effect. The effective yet gentle formula enriched with natural honey and hazelnut oil ensures hydration and nourishment, and also helps remove dead skin particles.


  • takes care of quick and long-lasting hair removal from the root
  • suitable for the whole body, it also removes tough and short hairs
  • is gentle, does not dry out the skin and leaves it moisturised
  • contains antioxidants and fatty acids, nourishes, improves elasticity
  • helps remove dead skin particles, contributes to exfoliation
  • the texture is smooth and so it adheres well and is easy to apply
  • the roll-on format ensures easy usage


  • natural honey – has exfoliating effects, gets rid of dead skin particles, alleviates redness
  • organic hazelnut oil – contains fatty acids and vitamin E, nourishes and moisturises, improves elasticity
  • magnesium phyllosilicate – comes from the Italian Dolomites, gives the wax a velvety texture

How to use:
Heat Arcocere Professional Wax Natural in a suitable heating device and follow the instructions provided.

ArcocereProfessional Wax Natural hair removal wax roll-on

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