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Aroma Diffusers without Refill
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Why Reed Diffuser?

Create a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy your favourite scent in every corner of your home or office. An reed diffuser distributes the fragrance evenly throughout the room, humidifies the air and lifts your mood.

How to Pick a Reed Diffuser?

Your main criterion should be the type of diffuser you want. You can choose from several different types of electronic diffusers, from ultrasonic to luxury aroma diffusers in stylish designs. Every diffuser has its own benefits, can serve different purposes and is ideal for a different type of interior.

Obviously, you can also choose based on the design – especially if you’re looking for an aromatherapy diffuser for your beauty salon or massage salon. In that case, try a wooden or ceramic aroma oil diffuser that will look elegant in any room.

Electric Diffuser

Using an electric aroma diffuser in your home is safer than going for a scented candle or an aroma lamp. These products work without producing any flame, which makes them ideal for an office or a home with kids or pets.

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

While electric diffusers are primarily designed to distribute fragrance, ultrasonic diffusers also work as air humidifiers. Ultrasonic diffusers use vibrations to release a mixture of water and essential oils into the air in the form of a fine mist.

Reed Aroma Diffuser

This is one of the most affordable and simplest ways to fill your home with fragrance. A reed diffuser comes with reed sticks you simply submerge in the scented liquid so that they absorb it and distribute the aroma throughout the room. These diffusers come in many varieties and designs – some of the most popular being wooden, glass and ceramic diffusers which look particularly beautiful.

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