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We have prepared articles about attractive topics. Here you can read news about fragrances and beauty products. We provide advice on how to care for your skin and hair perfectly and which products to use. Let us help you decide when choosing the right perfume or beauty product.

  • STOP sweating: deodorants and antiperspirants!STOP sweating: deodorants and antiperspirants!

    On public transport and in lifts, one can tell summer has started well before temperatures reach their peak. The smell is impossible to ignore. Can it be avoided?   Sweating is the body’s natural response to heat and a mechanism that helps it ...


  • The 5 Top Wedding Hairstyles for 2018The 5 Top Wedding Hairstyles for 2018

      The trend for weddings in meadows, on farms and in forests has continued... And a boho hairstyle is perfect for bridal hair, together with the retro touch of the 1930s, both the hottest style options. What is the advantage of this? You don’t ...


  • Chloé Nomade women’s perfume: a new scent full of adventureChloé Nomade women’s perfume: a new scent full of adventure

      The delicate-looking bottle makes you expect romantic contents, but when you breathe it in, you find that this is not just another “delicate floral fragrance”. The new Chloé Nomade has a woody nature, ensuring everyone knows that the wearer is ...


  • How to make trendy highlighted look?How to make trendy highlighted look?

    Spring is here and also desire to have light and luminized make-up. Ball season is away but the parties, weddings and fun do not end. Even the hottest trend is natural look, you can be the star of the night with no make-up make-up as well. Believe ...


  • KORIKA: the high-tech face masks you want!KORIKA: the high-tech face masks you want!

    Cloth masks by KORIKA are a new product you can’t afford to miss! Have you noticed what beautiful skin Asian women have? Women all over Asia know plenty of beauty rituals, and use quality natural and high-tech products and take care of their skin ...


  • Two steps to divine curves –  in just two weeks! Two steps to divine curves – in just two weeks!

    In theory, summer is still a long way off. In reality, it is close enough to learn everything we need to know about swimwear trends and start looking for something that will make us feel great by the water. And I’ve got exactly that for you here: ...


  • Active coal – helper for problematic skinActive coal – helper for problematic skin

    Substance that can bind various impurities, bacteria and excess sebum like a magnet. Thanks to that it is often an ingredient in cleansing gel and other skin care products. We are talking about active charcoal. Read more about this efficient ...


  • Wedding Makeup to Wow in 7 StepsWedding Makeup to Wow in 7 Steps

    Makeup trends in 2018 mean brides are plumping for a natural, fresh and glowing look. The top shades are purples, pinks and metallics combined with a nude palette. All this together with a loose updo or gentle waves decorated with flowers or a lace ...


  • Choose a truly original gift for your mum!Choose a truly original gift for your mum!

    It’s Mother’s Day soon, so I’m starting to think about what the best present would be for my mum. What are you getting for your mum this year? Do we really even have to wait for a special day? Mums deserve to be pampered all year ...


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