We have prepared articles about attractive topics. Here you can read news about fragrances and beauty products. We provide advice on how to care for your skin and hair perfectly and which products to use. Let us help you decide when choosing the right perfume or beauty product.

  • Back To Cool: What kind of personality are you?Back To Cool: What kind of personality are you?

    In our autumn campaign, we introduced three successful women. In which one do you see yourself the most? Try our fun quiz and share your results with us.    


  • BACK TO COOL: Insta Girl - Makeup Trends 2017BACK TO COOL: Insta Girl - Makeup Trends 2017

    Change your style every day as autumn leaves change colors! Our Insta Girl will show you all the latest trends. Coloured mascaras, heart shaped lips - step out of a crowd this fall! You don´t need a license to be your own makeup artist!


  • BACK TO COOL: Yoga Lover - Autumn Morning RoutineBACK TO COOL: Yoga Lover - Autumn Morning Routine

    Create a powerful morning routine and start each day with products your body and skin will love! Let our Yoga Lover inspire you by her must-haves for pampering morning routine. Your skin will love you back!  


  • BACK TO COOL: The best overnight hair repair productsBACK TO COOL: The best overnight hair repair products

    Autumn should be all about relaxation and pampering and treating yourself well. So let’s fall in love with taking care of ourselves this autumn! Your hair may not be able to get sunburnt, but the sun can still harm it pretty badly. The coming of ...


  • BACK TO COOL: Men´s Grooming RoutineBACK TO COOL: Men´s Grooming Routine

    Gentlemen, here we come!  Be inspired by the men's grooming tips&tricks from our lamberjack musician. ️🎸️🎶 The fact is, growing a beard requires a routine! If you stick with it, it gets better after a few weeks. It will take some practice to ...


  • Home Fragrance Ideas from the Scent ExpertsHome Fragrance Ideas from the Scent Experts

    Autumn is approaching fast and now is the time to give your house a truly autumnal fragrance! Here are some ideas for how to create a warm and cosy living space and make your home the most inviting it has ever been! What could beat entering a home ...


  • Should you really wash your face once daily?Should you really wash your face once daily?

    Proper facial cleansing is necessary to keep our skin healthy, in addition to a healthy diet and two litres of water a day for skin hydration. But that isn't always enough, and that’s why I am asking how often we should clean or wash our ...


  • Teaser: Welcome #BackToCoolTeaser: Welcome #BackToCool

    Welcome to a new season! Welcome Fall with Notino!What the #BackToCool season will be about? New makeup trends, new inspiration and new opportunities to enhance your beauty and boost your confidence. Let´s make everyday your runway! Let´s have ...


  • Perfume tips for VirgosPerfume tips for Virgos

     Tips for Virgos Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and it is influenced by the earth element. This is the main reason why Virgos are usually able to orient themselves very well in practical matters. They are usually diligent and can rely on ...


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