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  • Fragrance Review: Kenzo Amour, Eau de ParfumFragrance Review: Kenzo Amour, Eau de Parfum

    The West has a limited idea of what it calls “the Orient”. And our idea very much depends on where exactly do we live and which people of Middle Eastern, South Asian or East Asian heritage we generally meet. Even the word “Asian” evokes something ...


  • TUTORIAL: Easy way to a kiss-proof lipstick? All you need are five simple stepsTUTORIAL: Easy way to a kiss-proof lipstick? All you need are five simple steps

    Do you know how to make your lipstick truly kiss-proof, smudge-proof and long-lasting? It might not be simple, but it’s certainly possible. Makeup artists will tell you that you can’t just put it on in one go – you need to take a few extra steps. ...


  • The Best Fragrances for 2017The Best Fragrances for 2017

    New year calls for a new scent. Do you know what the best fragrances for this year are? The delicate scent of violets, romantic rose and the woody scent of oud are all hot right now. And not only that. Fresh green notes, unisex perfume and ...


  • Niche Montale FragrancesNiche Montale Fragrances

    Montale is one of the most interesting perfumes on the market and it does bring in quite a lot of interesting fragrances into the mix. From the wonderful Montale Red Aoud to the unique and truly impressive Montale Roses Musk, there are plenty of ...


  • Learn about the best home teeth-whitening methodsLearn about the best home teeth-whitening methods

    When exactly did humanity decide that white teeth are a sign of health and beauty? Well, for one thing, it’s definitely not the case in all cultures. Traditions vary – in some nations, people actually blacken their teeth, and many others don’t see ...


  • Arm yourself with the provocative Juliette Has a Gun perfumeArm yourself with the provocative Juliette Has a Gun perfume

    The young French niche perfume brand with the provocative name Juliette Has a Gun has managed to earn considerable respect in its ten years of existence. It was founded in 2006 during the wave of what was at the time a very modern renaissance of ...


  • The 2017 Big Tarot HoroscopeThe 2017 Big Tarot Horoscope

    The new year has begun, so find out from your yearly horoscope what you can expect in 2017, what to watch out for, what to avoid, and what you can look forward to. The Big Tarot Horoscope is here! Aries It is important that you use your Aries ...


  • Don’t be afraid of a dramatic makeup lookDon’t be afraid of a dramatic makeup look

    Natural makeup might be perpetually on trend, but where’s the fun in always looking the way other people want you to look? Have you been told that purple lipstick is too much? That you can wear either a strong eye makeup or a bold lip, but never ...


  • Fragrance Review: Dior Dolce Vita, Eau de ToiletteFragrance Review: Dior Dolce Vita, Eau de Toilette

    It’s kind of a paradox: If something’s too middle-of-the-road and lacks the audacity to take risks, we still say that it’s “too vanilla”, and yet, the most vanillic fragrances are anything but tame. Sweet—yes, well-mannered—depends on who you ask, ...


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