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  • Tips for AquariansTips for Aquarians

      Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac and is influenced by the air element. The basic qualities of this sign are freedom and independence. They are the attributes that the Aquarian values above all others. These people also have an original ...


  • How to Valentine’s Day MakeupHow to Valentine’s Day Makeup

    Be inspired by Valentine’s makeup by our blogger Jana! We have put together a photo tutorial for a simple but effective romantic look, to make you feel like an absolute princess. And the best news? All you need for a magical Valentine’s look is ...


  • Top perfumes for 2018Top perfumes for 2018

    Introducing fresh new products in the world of perfume. We know what trends are on their way this year and what to experiment with right now! The scents of 2018 In recent years we have been hearing the increasingly strong voice of individuality ...


  • Aromatherapy at home aka the best home fragrancesAromatherapy at home aka the best home fragrances

      The healing effect of aromatherapy has been known since ancient Egypt and China, where they used essential oils in many ceremonies and rituals. It was believed that the aromas could trigger people’s higher consciousness. Nowadays, natural ...


  • Preparing for Valentine’s Day step by stepPreparing for Valentine’s Day step by step

    For some, Valentine’s Day is a commercial cliché. But for me, it’s a celebration of human kindness and love; it’s a holiday based on real events, about the Catholic priest, Valentine. Even if the story was merely a legend, I’m going to take ...


  • Colour of the year 2018: Ultra violet Colour of the year 2018: Ultra violet

    Mystical, visionary, original and dramatically provocative. After last year’s lush greenery, the vivid ultra violet has been selected as the colour of the year. This purple shade is everywhere this year in fashion trends: from interior design to ...


  • DAILY ROUTINE: Winter hand careDAILY ROUTINE: Winter hand care

    In the last part of our winter Daily Routine series, we focus on the hands and frost. Hand care in winter and nail nutrition cannot be underestimated, especially at this time of year. Your hands need more care, not just because you use them all the ...


  • Myths and truths: Sunscreen for skiing Myths and truths: Sunscreen for skiing

    Myths and truths: The best sunscreen for skiing Did you know that the intensity of UV radiation increases by 4% with every 300 metres you go up? And that sunscreens can be divided into chemical and mineral? Neither did I, until I heard the lectures ...


  • How to get rid of your cellulite problem (without going mad)How to get rid of your cellulite problem (without going mad)

    Treating cellulite The period around the start of the new year has always been a little uncertain for me. The Christmas decorations have been put back in storage and spring seems a long way off. Maybe you are also troubled by the fact that in a ...


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