How To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

A dilemma women and men the world over have faced down the ages and still today is: “How can I get my personal fragrance to last longer?” You finally decide on the fragrance that makes you feel your best and that should last for hours, and then spend a small fortune on that precise aromatic blend, only to find it has worn off in what feels like minutes!

Perfume Last longer

The summer is in full swing. Have you already been to a festival or on holiday? Were you satisfied with how long the perfume you wore lasted? Let’s be honest. It isn’t easy for our favourite summer scent to last long when it’s so hot outside. And as the strength of the fragrance has us at its mercy, there’s not much we can do to keep our perfume or cologne exuding its exotic aroma far into the day. Or maybe there is.

Perfume Last longer

We took a deep dive into the world of perfumes with the idea of coming up with some tips and tricks to make your fragrance last much longer, while saving you a little bit more of it every day! You can read some of the best ideas for making your fragrance last longer below, and then try them out for yourself! We hope these tips will help you stay fragrant not just in the summer, but also throughout the year!

Perfume Last longer

Avoid Scented Lotions

This may not occur to you right away, but lotions, even if they are only mildly scented, will stop your summer perfume or cologne lasting as long as it might. Thick lotions interrupt the profile of your scent as it mixes with their aromatic blend, and they stop the perfumed oils from penetrating properly by acting as an unnatural barrier on the outer layer of the skin. Something that is characteristic of a well-made fragrance is that the scent is naturally “diffused” during the day, but lotions disrupt the process. So instead of blending with your skin’s unique chemistry, the cologne or perfume is blocked by a thin veil of lotion and doesn’t ever reach its true potential. Our tip? When applying your favourite fragrance, use a sheer, scent-free lotion to prevent any blending or interruption. Eucerin’s Smoothing Repair Light, Fragrance-Free Body Lotion  adds fragrance-attracting oils to your skin but doesn’t interrupt the way your favourite summer perfume or cologne blends in and penetrates.

Spray A Scarf on Cooler Days

Perfume and cologne last an especially long time on clothing, even if it does not give off the blend of scent profiles that is so typical of skin. Still, spraying your favourite scent on a scarf is a brilliant way to make its basic scent last all day, or maybe even several days in many cases. A scarf also stays near to the neck, your body’s natural heat zone, and that helps to diffuse the perfume or cologne as the scarf and your body’s natural heat mingle and become one. Some fragrances are especially intense, and so they will last for days on your scarf; two of them are Chloe’s eponymous Eau De Parfum for Women and the classic, high-intensity “Fahrenheit” from Dior for men.

Perfume Last longer

Hair Fragrance Spray

A great place to spray your favourite fragrance is on your hair. However, the high alcohol content of perfume and cologne can dry it out, especially in the heat of the summer when what you really want is to keep your hair’s moisture. So why not go for a fragrance made especially for hair? Lots of perfumeries now feature “hair fragrances” in their most popular lines, for example Thierry Mugler’s “Angel”, “J’adore” by Dior and “Brit Rhythm” from Burberry. If possible, choose a formula that comes in the form of an oil, which does double beauty duty: a fragrance for your hair blended with a frizz-taming oil!

Prep With Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly isn’t just great for protecting skin; you can also use it to help your summer perfume or cologne to “stick” better to pulse points, for example the wrists or the nape of your neck. Petroleum jelly keeps your skin supple and “dewy” for longer, and thus does a better job of attracting the chemistry of well-made perfumes and colognes to the body. Just dab a little petroleum jelly onto the desired pulse points and then use with your favourite fragrance. But don’t rub your wrists together! This, the experts say, can “crush” the notes of the fragrance and stop them from lasting longer. Grab a classic jar of Vaseline’s Original Pure Petroleum Jelly; it’s triple-filtered to get rid of any impurities and is an absolute must in any medicine cabinet.

Perfume Last longer

Keep Fragrance In A “Cool Zone”

Many of us have our perfumes and colognes in the bathroom as an attractive display, but, believe it or not, this has a negative impact on the longevity of the fragrance. Humidity and moisture break down its composition and weaken its potency. It’s better to keep your fragrance in a cool, dry place and make it last as long as possible that way. And don’t expose any perfumes or colognes to direct sunlight. The oils and molecules fragrances contain get broken down by the sun and warmth. If you think it’s difficult to follow these tips, why not keep your fragrance stored in the box it came in?

 Perfume Last longer

Know Your Scents

If you are after long-lasting perfume or cologne, take a good look at the name. For example, if it’s marked “eau de toilette”, it’s made to be lighter than its “parfum” counterpart. The same is true of “sprays” and “eau fraiche” formulae. Look for fragrances that say “eau de parfum” or “extrait de parfum”. This means the formula uses the longest-lasting fragrance oils. Shop for the richest and longest-lasting perfumes for women, or the richest and longest-lasting men’s colognes.

Try out these tips and see if they work for you! If they do, let us know. Do you know any other ideas for making your fragrance last longer? Contact us at and share your secret way of making your perfume or cologne last all day with us! We might even include your suggestion in a future blog!