Astrid SunHydrating Sun Milk SPF 6

Astrid Sun Hydrating Sun Milk SPF 6
Astrid Sun Hydrating Sun Milk SPF 6
200 ml

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Product description Astrid Sun

The Astrid Sun Sun protective sunscreen is a vital part of skin care when going out into the sun.


  • protects the skin against UV radiation damage
  • protects skin against UVA and UVB radiation
  • prevents skin ageing
  • gives skin the hydration it needs
  • the product is waterproof

How to use:
Apply plenty of the product to the skin all over the body before going out in the sun. Repeat especially if perspiring, after bathing, or drying with a towel. Do not expose small children to direct sunlight.


Skin type
all skin types
low protection (SPF 6 – SPF 10)

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