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Aveda Nutriplenish™ Hydrating Haircare Kit gift set (for hair)
Aveda Nutriplenish™ Hydrating Haircare Kit gift set (for hair)
Hair typeall hair types
EffectsHydration, Shine and softness, Split ends prevention, Cleansing
Type of setGift Set
Scalp skin typeall scalp types

All you need for beautiful looking hair in one package. This beauty gift set from AvedaNutriplenish™Hydrating Haircare Kit contains not one, but several products that will help create or enrich your regular hair care routine. A gift set full of hair care products will delight you or your loved ones as a gift.

The set contains:


  • a set of cosmetic products for everyday use
  • for intense hydration
  • for natural and healthy look of your hair
  • washes hair and cleans the scalp
  • leaves hair soft
  • improves the quality of the structure of your hair


  • vegan product

How to use:
Use every product from the cosmetic set according to the instructions.

AvedaNutriplenish™ Hydrating Haircare Kit gift set (for hair)

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Nutriplenish™ Daily Moisturizing Treatment intensive hydrating treatment for hair 150 ml + Nutriplenish™ Conditioner Light Moisture lightweight conditioner with nourishing and moisturising effect 50 ml + Nutriplenish™ Shampoo Light Moisture light moisturising shampoo for dry hair 250 ml

Monday 24/06/2024
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Monday 24/06/2024