Avon Aquavibe Laugh More

Body Spray for Women 100 ml

Avon Aquavibe Laugh More Body Spray for Women 100 ml
Avon Aquavibe Laugh More Body Spray for Women 100 ml
100 ml

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Avon Aquavibe Laugh More
100 ml | £6.90

Fragrance description Avon Aquavibe Laugh More

The Avon Aquavibe Laugh More body spray is a perfect complement to the fragrance from the same collection. It leaves the skin wonderfully scented, giving you a new burst of energy and self-confidence at any time during the day.


Top notes
Fennel, Lemon, Mandarin Orange Blossom
Middle notes
Lily Of The Valley, Raspberry, Violet Leaves
Base notes
Amber, Musk, Tonka Beans

About the brand Avon

Avon products are legendary in the world of beauty. This brand has been focussing on beauty as well as women themselves for more than 125 years and offering Avon skin care, makeup and fragrance.

In 1886, the travelling book salesman David McConnell started adding a little beauty freebie to every book he sold. Soon, his fragrances were more popular than the books, which prompted him to open his own little beauty company. But he never stopped believing in the power of personal touch – and so the idea of the first Avon Lady came to be, offering women a way towards financial independence. The Avon catalogue also became a trademark staple of the company’s personal approach.

Today, Avon beauty is available online, but it never stopped selling its products through personal contact. Choose your preferred way of purchase and try this well-trusted brand. Their flagship lines are the Anew products, Advance Techniques hair care, Luxe premium line, Planet Spa body care and the Avon Baby line.


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