Avon Far Away Deodorant Roll-on for Women

  • Avon Far Away Deodorant Roll-on for Women

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    • Avon Far Away Deodorant Roll-on for Women 50 ml  Deodorant Roll-on for Women 50 ml  

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    Description of the perfume Avon Far Away


    Perfume bottle



    Overall impression


    Top notes

    Peach, Karo Karoundé, Orange, Coconut, Ylang - Ylang

    Middle notes

    Rose, Violet, Jasmine, Osmanthus, Freesia, Gardenia

    Base notes

    Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood, Amber

    The perfume Far Away by Avon is a fragrance destined for romantic yet self-confident women. This perfume merges engaging oriental and woodsy tones with sweet floral and vanilla scents. This cocktail of ingredients concealed in an elegant bottle will bestow upon its owner the feelings of happiness, well-being and love almost instantly upon application. 

    This perfume will change your view of the world, as if by waving a magic wand you can make everything seem prettier and more vibrantly colorful. This fragrance will support your romantic and mysterious soul yet turn you into a sexy and self-confident woman who turns the heads of many men. 

    This perfume is characterized not only by its captivating scent accenting your femininity, but also by its staying power. You only need apply it in the morning to your neck or wrist and you may still be stopped in the afternoon by a stranger asking what smells so fine on you.

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