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Body Care

Taking care of your body starts with a regular daily routine. Give the skin of your body the attention it needs and enjoy the amazing results. offers the best body care by popular brands like Weleda, Shiseido, Vichy, Dove or Payot to make your body-care routine easier.

Start your day with a quick shower and the right products. We’ve selected the best shower gels and oils with the loveliest aromas to invigorate your senses and moisturise your body. We also carry products for intimate hygiene, liquid and bar soaps as well as the increasingly popular natural body care.

Get rid of minor imperfections and find a good firming body lotion, or a cream for cellulite or stretch marks. You can also keep your skin perfectly smooth with our epilation and depilation products from razors and hair-removal waxes to hair-removal creams.

We care about your comfort throughout the day, which is why we offer a selection of antiperspirants and deodorants for men and women that prevent unwanted perspiration and odour. If your skin is exposed to the sun during the day, don’t forget to use a good sunscreen.

A relaxing time in the bath calls for a lovely bath salt or one of the very popular fizzy bath bombs that fill your evening with gorgeous aroma and colours. Then finish your body-care routine with nourishing cosmetics such as body lotions, foot creams or hand masks, or treat yourself to the occasional body scrub which removes dead skin cells and leaves your body perfectly smooth.

Take your pick from thousands of body-care products. Whether have normal, sensitive or dry skin, or you suffer from stretch marks and eczema – we always have the right product for you.