Bronzing Butter

Bronzing butter
  • Oranjito

Get a bronzing butter now and enjoy having moisturised and perfectly tanned skin. carries bronzing butters for both sunbathing and sun beds. Find the best bronzing butter depending on where you plan to get your tan.

Which Bronzing Butters Do We Carry?

  • Bronzing butter for sunbed tanning is specially designed for artificial sunbathing. It softens and hydrates your skin while promoting skin tanning.
  • Tanning butter for classic sunbathing protects your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB light while moisturising and nourishing your skin.
  • Tan-extending body butter will make the brown shade of your skin last longer.

Benefits of Bronzing Butter

  • Buttery texture goes on easily.
  • Moisturises and prevents skin dryness.
  • Nourishes skin.
  • Speeds up tanning and makes your tan last longer.
  • Coconut bronzing butter prevents premature skin ageing and nourishes your skin.
  • Cocoa bronzing butter is suitable for fast tanning.

Why You Can’t Use a Sunbed Bronzing Butter for Sunbathing – and Vice Versa?

Tanning creams and bronzing butters for sunbed tanning promote the browning of your skin and enhance the effects of the sun bed, but they can’t protect you in sunlight – unlike tanning butter with SPF which protects your skin from sun damage.

Find a bronzing butter for fast tanning or one with a high SPF. We offer quality brands such as Oranjito, Tannymaxx and Dermedic!