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The beauty products in this category usually have a minor defect in packaging and cannot be sold at full price. They have been used in photo shoots, their cellophane wrapping or the box have been damaged in transport, or their packaging in other way doesn't meet the visual standards. None of these defects compromise the quality of the product itself

On the product page of beauty outlet you will always find detailed information about the nature of the item. Our normal warranty applies, of course with the exception of the specified defect for which the product is being sold at a lower price.

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  • La-Tweez

  • La-Tweez Professional ToolsEyelash Curler

    Slightly crumpled packaging Contents of the product: 100 % Beauty Code: LTW02682

    More information

    La-Tweez Professional Tools is a product that will emphasise your look and accentuate the beauty of the eyes.Characteristics:optically enlarges the eyes and gives a deep lookquick and easy application

    Discount: £1.04