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Perfect eyeliner in 3 different ways

From classic to graphic – this is how you wear eyeliner! Step by step we’ll show you how to draw perfect lines with eyeliner. With our makeup artist’s expert tip on proper application, you definitely can’t go wrong!

Classic – Basic line

For perfect lines, apply liquid eyeliner directly onto your lash line and draw a line to the outer corner of your eye in one stroke.

Winged eyeliner

Accentuate the last third of your lower lash line towards the outer corner extending outwards at a 45-degree angle. To finish, connect the wing to your top line.

Striking – Bold color

Draw a fine line in blue or green along the lower edge of your eyelids. Visual accents, like stripes or dots, along your lower lash line are a total eye-catcher.

Expert tip

Make it easier to draw a straight line by first applying a dotted line that you then connect together.