An (Almost) Instant Face Lift: Top Treatment for Smoother Skin!

September 22, 2020Notino

We all wish our age only manifested on the inside. But that is not the case and our bodies often mark our years in a pretty visible way – which is why we should not underestimate quality lifting products! Read on to find out how to keep your skin tight without having to find a real youth elixir. (That said, if you do happen to find it, please let us know.)

When Should You Use Tightening Products?

If you’ve already crossed the turning point of 25, you should know what lifting skin care is. After this age, our body starts producing less collagen and our skin loses its natural elasticity, doesn’t regenerate as easily and develops first wrinkles.

Deeper wrinkles normally occur around the age of 40, but our lifestyle often makes them appear sooner. Just try answering the following questions and find out how you’re helping (or not helping) to postpone the ageing of your skin. You can probably guess what the correct answers are.

  • Do you get enough sleep?
  • Do you often experience stress?
  • Do you expose your skin to the sun and are you using quality sun care?
  • Do you drink enough liquids?
  • Are you a smoker or do you drink alcohol on a regular basis?

None of us are perfect, and even though we really should pay attention to all of these, we also need a bit of outside help. And this is what the best lifting creams were made for.

How Does a Lifting Cream Work?

As the number of candles on your birthday cake grows, you’ll need to find a way to give your skin an effective yet non-invasive lift. However, you won’t discover the right product unless you know what you’re looking for. So which ingredients are great for wrinkles and saggy skin?

First and foremost, your Holy Grail product should have collagen in the formula. This is because our body loses collagen over time, even though we still need it. Our skin also needs hyaluronic acid which helps it retain large amounts of water and promotes hydration. It also stimulates the growth of skin cells and enhances the production of collagen fibres to keep our skin firm and supple.

AHA or alpha hydroxy acids help remove dead skin cells, which is why you can often find them in chemical peels for home use. They make your skin smoother and tighter.

Vitamins C and E protect our skin from free radicals. These active ingredients create a barrier on top of our skin and repel harmful substances.

We also shouldn’t forget about peptides. These amino acids really are the building blocks of collagen, plus they increase our skin’s ability to self-regenerate. Derivatives of vitamin A such as retinol and retinoid have similar effects – they’re amazing especially at eliminating wrinkles, age spots and acne scars.

Is it all a little too much? Don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of our favourite lifting creams, serums and masks to make your choice easier.

Get Rid of Wrinkles with a Top Quality Cream

Want to give your skin some divine glow every morning? Try the Biotherm Blue Therapy Amber Algae Revitalize tightening day cream! It contains algae extract for a brightening effect and the unique Life Plankton Biotherm formula which targets wrinkles. At night, you can simply use the Eucerin Volume-Filler and let hyaluronic acid and peptides do their magic.

Make a Lifting Serum Your New Secret Weapon

Why? Because a good serum has a significantly higher concentration of active ingredients than a cream, so these little unassuming bottles actually ensure fantastic results!

If you’re dealing with deeper wrinkles, try the Avene PhysioLift serum which has a 24-hour effect, but you can use it in the morning as well as evening for an even better result. Looking for a lifting serum with an antioxidant? How about the Saffee Advanced serum? It contains vitamin E as well as other active ingredients that will keep your skin baby-soft.

The Lancôme Génifique Advanced smoothing serum even contains probiotics – an ingredient that helps your skin’s microbiome stay balanced. To put it very simply, this means that the serum keeps the number of microbes in your skin at the right level and thus prevents a lot of problems from occurring in the first place.

Mask It Up

Masks are not part of everyday skin care, but we should absolutely use them on a regular basis! Especially when it comes to lifting our skin. The smoothing Vichy Liftactiv Hyalu Mask not only stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid – it also uses Vichy thermal water to renew our skin’s natural defence mechanisms. Apply this mask at least once a week to reveal its full potential.

Let us know in the comments whether you’ve found your ideal anti-wrinkle product or you’ll prefer to try one or two of our faves!

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