Antiperspirant Testing: We Know Which Ones Are the Most Effective!

August 13, 2020Notino
Perspiration is a natural process which helps your body regulate its temperature and get rid of toxins. However, if you sweat too much and don’t want to bother people around you, it’s time to fix it.

Read on to find out how to get rid of underarm sweat and pick the best antiperspirant. Our Content Manager Veronika has tested the most powerful ones for you.

8 Effective Tricks to Reduce Sweating

There are easy and effective ways to fight both sweat and unpleasant odours. That said, extreme sweating (hyperhidrosis) will be better addressed by a medical professional.

  • Personal hygiene is a must – don’t be afraid to wash the areas that suffer from excessive sweating several times a day.
  • Smooth armpits are better – the sweat itself has no odour, its culprit are the fast-breeding bacteria which love wet and warm places as well as hair.
  • Say no to synthetics – if your clothes are too tight and made of non-breathable synthetic materials, they will make you sweat even more.
  • Change your clothes – the smell gets more intense when you wear the same clothing for several days.
  • Avoid stress – situations that make you feel uncomfortable might trigger perspiration.
  • Be careful with certain foods – the intensity of the smell might be increased for instance when you eat onions or garlic, or drink excessive amounts of coffee and alcohol.
  • Cut back on fatty foods and don’t overeat – when your stomach is struggling to process food, your body might react with perspiration.
  • Don’t forget to use antiperspirants and deodorants – the most effective way to combat underarm sweat is to use quality specialised cosmetic products.

Antiperspirant vs. Deodorant

While antiperspirant helps prevent sweating, deodorant only covers up already existing odour. The most effective antiperspirants use the power of aluminium salts which partially block your sweat glands to reduce the amount of expelled sweat. The excess water doesn’t accumulate in your body – it comes out as urine or evaporates from other areas than your underarms.

Ideally, you should use an antiperspirant right after your morning hygiene, and a deodorant as necessary for a refreshing effect (or fragrance) during the day. Both products come in spray, roll-on, liquid powder and solid or gel stick – depending on which method of application you prefer. A combination antiperspirant-deodorant will offer the benefits of both.

Our Test of Antiperspirants: We Know the Winner!

  1. Eucerin Deo Antiperspirant Against Excessive Sweating

Since this is a product designed for excessive sweating, I took it with me for a proper training session at the gym. The texture is a bit sticky right after application, but sets as soon as the antiperspirant dries. My skin had no adverse reaction to it and I didn’t notice any wet stains on my clothes even during my exercise. I have to say its effect on preventing odour and sweat was fantastic – even though you do have to reapply the product after your training and shower.

  1. Biotherm Deo Pure Solid Antiperspirant for Sensitive Skin

I’m not a big fan of solid antiperspirants because there are sometimes little lumps of product left on your skin after application. However, Biotherm might be the exception because it left no marks and felt nice on my skin. It did feel a little stickier on application than, for instance, antiperspirants in spray, but it performed its job all day – I didn’t feel the need to reapply until the early evening. I’d say that this product works a little better on the smell than the sweating itself.

  1. Borotalco Intensive Roll-on Antiperspirant

I used this antiperspirant in the morning right after my shower and it lasted almost all day – I only had to reapply in the afternoon before the gym. It performed really well throughout my work day and during my training, but the Eucerin one was better at supressing odour. This antiperspirant was good and felt nice on the skin, but I would probably pick a different one.

4. Vichy Deodorant Antiperspirant in Spray Against White and Yellow Marks

This is the absolute winner of my antiperspirant review. It’s light, I can barely feel it on my skin and it caused no reactions – in fact it had a pleasant cooling effect. I wore it all day long and I only had to reapply after my gym session when it was no longer strong enough to prevent more sweating – but I didn’t really expect it to. The anti-odour effect lasted all day and there really were no stains.

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