Ed Skrein: interview with the movie star and the face Bad Boy Scents

September 29, 2021Notino
Meet Ed Skrein. The star of films such as Deadpool, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil or Game of Thrones series is the face of the electrifying Bad Boy fragrances from the iconic brand Carolina Herrera.

What do they represent to him? And does he consider himself to be a Bad Boy? He reveals it all in our interview.


  • Bad Boy fragrances are definitely a statement. What do they say about a man who wears them?

Bad Boy is a family of fragrances built on the energy of contradictions. It stands against the monolithic vision of masculinity and embraces duality: men can be strong and sensitive and caring at the same time. It is a celebration of three-dimensional men of the 21st century. 

  • When you close your eyes and smell Bad Boy Le Parfum, what kind of emotions do you feel? What is the attitude that it makes you adopt? 

The formulas of both the eau de toilette and the eau de parfum are really special, because they translate this philosophy of contradictions into olfactive notes that are apparently worlds apart from each other, but work magically together. Bad Boy Le Parfum is a bit deeper, darker and unexpected, because it blends an unusual take on freshness with a rich sensual facet. It gives me an extra boost of energy and self-confidence. And it makes me smell great, because the scent is wonderful!

  • The claim of Bad Boy fragrances is „It´s so good to be bad.“ What are the situations when it is good for men to be bad?

In Bad Boy, the word “bad” has nothing to do with “evil”, but with doing what makes sense to you, instead of what other people expect from you, or think you should do. It is also about being able to take some risks to stay true to yourself. We face many challenges in our daily life, and some of them are really crucial. Those are the situations when being a Bad Boy means following your instincts and doing what you know is right.

  • There is no bad boy who doesn´t have a good side, and vice versa. It is said that life is a constant evolution of these two sides. Do you have any advice on how to keep them in balance?

Balance is a question of intuition. There are no magic words that solve the whole problem. For me, the most important thing is understanding who you are and what moves your heart. Besides, in order to reach your goals, at a certain point you might have to give something up. And do everything with a positive attitude!

  • What kind of woman is the right one for a bad boy? (asking for a friend)

I respect and admire this duality in women as much as I do in men. The women in my life, my mother, my partner, my friends and colleagues in the Martial Arts are inspirational, strong, powerful and sensitive. That is the right woman for a bad boy. And, if we take this question into the fragrance territory, the perfect match is, of course, Good Girl!



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