Home Fragrance Ideas from the Scent Experts

September 6, 2017Notino
Autumn is approaching fast and now is the time to give your house a truly autumnal fragrance! Here are some ideas for how to create a warm and cosy living space and make your home the most inviting it has ever been!

What could beat entering a home (particularly your own!) and breathing in deeply and gratifyingly as a fabulous array of fragrances welcomes you? You just can’t beat the feeling of walking into a home that looks clean and smells delightful, too. It is a deeply satisfying feeling to have a home that welcomes you with fragrances that complement a perfectly arranged space for you and your family and guests. They represent a key element of making your home a welcoming and heartwarming place. That’s why our scent experts at Notino have compiled a list of their top ideas for creating a fragrance in the home that meets anyone’s taste, all the year round!

Room-Specific Scents

Some people prefer to go for one particular flavour or combination throughout their home, but we believe that several different scent profiles can be included. And part of the fun is choosing which fragrance is just the right one for each room! But to help you get started with your exploration of home fragrances, here are our experts’ general suggestions.

  • Hallway: When your family and guests walk in, delight them with a fragrance that “blossoms” as they cross the threshold. Floral fragrances such as gardenia, rose and jasmine provide a glorious atmosphere full of brightness and the ambience of freshly-cut flowers. If you don’t have the time or don’t want to spend money regularly on fresh flowers for the table in your hallway, this is the perfect solution.
  • Kitchen: When it comes to fragrance, your kitchen is often the area with the greatest need for damage control. Those scent profiles can last for hours or days; it depends on what type of food you cook and how often. When it’s time to “clean up” the odour of your kitchen and provide it with its own unique character, try using fragrances that go well with food in general, such as basil or thyme. If you are keen to free your kitchen of its odour, first air the room by turning on the hood and opening the windows. After that, try using “juicy” fruit fragrances such as apples and citrus fruit which will help to neutralise the air and cut through any other food profiles that may linger.
  • Bedroom: The bedroom is a place for relaxation and recuperation, and so it’s ideal for experimenting with “zen” fragrances. What about trying fragrances that feature lavender, ylang-ylang, sandalwood or chamomile? If you want to create a warmer and sexier atmosphere, home fragrances with deep, rich profiles, such as vanilla, musk or amber, are just right. These feel particularly delightful in winter, when you may want to feel especially cosy and toasty warm!
  • Bathroom: This is the room that almost always features its own plan for neutralising the fragrance. No matter whether you use air fresheners, candles or room spray, the bathroom is the ideal place for citrus fragrances in particular. They do a great job of neutralising odours quickly and brighten the room up at the same time. Orange, lemon and grapefruit are great favourites!

Ways To Deliver Home Fragrances

  • Candles: Candles, of course, represent the most time-honoured and traditional way to fill the home with fragrance. The flame has a soft glow that is both intimate and captivating, so not only do beautiful fragrances permeate your home, but also a soft and intimate atmosphere is created wherever you place the candle.
  • Oil Diffusers: An oil diffuser is a safe and effective way to ensure your home receives a steady flow of fragrance without you having to worry about keeping an eye on an open flame. The ideal solution for busy families or if you want to keep an area fragrant for days or weeks without any need for maintenance is to use “set it and forget it” diffusers. Additionally, they are very versatile as you can use just about any glass receptacle to hold the scented oil, which makes them ideal for fussy designers!
  • Room & Linen Sprays: If you are in a hurry to freshen up a room, your furniture or linens, the best and most practical choice is a room or linen spray. The intensity provided by candles or diffusers can take a while to develop, but a room or linen spray will provide fragrance within seconds whenever you want, or need, an instant update.
  • Scented Sachets: The premade bundles usually known as sachets feature a scented filling that is perfect for use in places such as dresser drawers or closets if you want to give clothing a fresh and fragrant feel. To extend the life of your clean clothing, it is best to use clean cotton or linen blends.
  • Air Vent Clips: These vent clips are just like the ones you use in your car; you can affix them to the air conditioning vents in your home and then, when you turn the AC on, their fragrance will permeate the whole house quickly and efficiently.
  • Incense: You can use either traditional or modern incense cubes, a nice way of adding a distinct fragrance profile to a room that is traditionally more earthy.
  • Potpourri: Potpourri is a great way to give your home a seasonal scent, and it is also a cool décor option that is ideal for presentation bowls or jars, or as a foundation for artificial flowers or greenery.

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