How do you use a beauty blender? Learn how to master it!

June 5, 2018Notino
Professional makeup artists and bloggers have called it the absolute must-have for every makeup bag. It gives your foundation a completely natural, luscious finish, effortlessly covers dark circles under your eyes, and creates the perfect contour.

Yes, we are talking about the iconic makeup sponge known as the beauty blender. You’ve definitely heard about it and maybe you already have one in your beauty stash. But do you know how to use it correctly?

There’s no beauty blender like the Beautyblender

We’ve been familiar with the traditional makeup sponges for years. However, a true revolution took place in 2003, when the original Beautyblender egg-shaped foundation sponge first saw the light of day. In comparison with the classic triangular sponges, it is hypoallergenic and latex-free and the results look miles better.

The Beautyblender became an instant hit, winning many awards. So it came as no surprise when lots of brands started copying it. These days the term beauty blender is used for every foundation sponge of this kind. With the best known ones by Real Techniques and Makeup Revolution. Many people, however, swear by the original.

How to use a beauty blender

Using foundation sponges is easy and you’ll quickly learn how to do it if you stick. Just keep to these few simple rules:

  1. First of all, a beauty blender is used damp. Before use, first wet the sponge under running water, then squeeze it out thoroughly. This increases the volume of the sponge, softens it, and means that it does not absorb as much foundation during application.
  2. Take your foundation, put a small amount on the back of your hand, and dip your beauty blender in it.
  3. Using a bouncing motion, start gently applying the foundation to your face. It is really important not to drag your foundation sponge over your face but instead gently dab it on. To apply foundation to larger areas, switch to the round end, and for less accessible areas or to apply concealer under the eyes, the pointed end, as it can reach every nook and cranny of your face.
  4. You can also use your sponge to put on setting powder.

Everything you can use a beauty blender for

Most of us use a sponge to apply foundation and concealer. However, its range of uses is far broader than that! For instance, a beauty blender is perfect for applying cream contour, highlighter or blusher. The main rule is that you should always use the tip of the sponge first to apply the product to your face and then the round end to gently blend it in. You can also apply powder, eyeshadow or even lipstick with the sponge. Some people even use it to apply moisturiser or primer to go underneath their foundation. In other words, this sponge is a universal tool suitable for almost everything.

How to clean a beauty blender

An unwashed makeup sponge is a breeding ground for bacteria, which is not good for your skin at all. Make sure you wash your beauty blender thoroughly after each use. This rule is even more important for problem skin! So, how do you go about it?

  • Always wash the sponge under running water.
  • After rinsing it with clean water, apply a special makeup sponge cleanser or any product for cleaning makeup brushes.
  • Then rub it thoroughly between your fingers so that the cleanser gets right inside and washes out all the remaining makeup.
  • Rinse it with water again and repeat until the sponge is clean and only clear water comes out when you squeeze it.
  • Finally, squeeze the water out thoroughly and let the sponge dry naturally in a ventilated room. Never store a wet beauty blender in the bathroom cabinet or your makeup bag!

How often you should change your makeup sponge

Even the best-quality beauty blender has a limited lifespan, as it gradually loses its shape and flexibility. We recommend changing your beauty blender approximately every three months. There are plenty of colours and brands to choose from, so why not try a new one?

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