Summer Moisturisers: Pick the Best Body Lotion, Body Butter or Body Oil

June 7, 2016Notino
Your skin needs hydration all year round, but especially in the summer months when it’s exposed to the sun or a little rough from salty sea water. Whether you’re staying at home or currently packing your things for an exotic holiday, don’t forget a great body moisturiser to keep your skin soft, nourished and happy. We bring you some tips for the best products Beautyspin currently offers.


Body Lotion and Body Butter - What’s the Difference?

On the face of it, it seems pretty clear: lotion is more liquid in consistency, while butter is more like… well, butter, a solid, creamy substance. But that’s definitely not where the distinction stops. Thanks to this difference, a body butter often tends to be more hydrating, generally richer,

To make it really simple, think of it like this: A typical body lotion is something you can put on if you take your showers in the morning—it means you won’t have to wait around to put your clothes on. Body butter, on the other hand, is more suited for those who shower or bathe in the evening and have the time to let the product sink into their skin. Or you can of course use it once or twice a week to give your skin some extra care.

Some of our favourite body lotions include the Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Body Lotion, a product that contains cocoa butter and will leave your skin smelling wonderful, or the Caudalie Nourishing Body Lotion in a handy pump bottle. In case you need an after sun lotion or gel to specifically calm and restore your skin after sunbathing, we wholeheartedly recommend the La Roche-Posay Posthelios gel.

Shower Oils and Shower Lotions: Quick and Easy

Before we learn more about the beauty of body oils, let’s not forget there’s another, quicker and more practical option: You can actually moisturise while showering. There are many products on the market now that were designed specifically to provide your skin with hydration while cleaning it. First up are of course shower oils, from the more affordable ones such as the Nivea Natural Oil, to the pricier but very popular L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil. Both will leave your skin nourished and soft, and can be very successfully used as shaving products.

Relatively new in the game are shower body lotions, a type of product that allows you to use your body lotion in the shower and not have to worry about greasy residue. The most famous ones are currently sold by Nivea and we especially recommend the Nivea Shower Body Lotion with Cocoa and Milk.

The Beauty of Moisturising Body Oils

A nourishing body oil is perhaps the most luxurious, most indulging and pampering of all body moisturisers. They’re not here to be used in a rush. They’re here to spoil you, to make you feel cared for and beautiful. Take your time with them. Wash and exfoliate before using them. Enjoy the whole process.

Many people actually swear by a good baby oil, like for instance the organic Weleda Calendula Baby Oil, for its ability to soothe even the driest and most sensitive skin. Other options include the increasingly popular dry oils—our pick would be the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. It’s also a brilliant idea to combine your moisturising routine with a relaxing massage using the Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil. If you’re trying to really heal your skin, diminish the appearance of scars or solve any other condition or issue, the widely recommended Bio-Oil might be the perfect solution.

Of course, there’s a whole another category of products that are favoured for body-pampering: natural vegetable oils. We’ve all at least heard about using coconut oil for pretty much everything from cooking to hair conditioning, but there are actually many other natural oils that can keep your skin hydrated and smooth. Try the Saloos Grape Oil, Apricot Seed Oil or Macadamia Oil—they’re very affordable and you can decide which one suits your needs best. If you’d rather stick with the tried and tested classic, Saloos Coconut Oil will be perfect, especially in one of the scented variations.

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