The Best Fragrances of 2019

January 25, 2019Notino
It all started back in autumn when the new Dior Joy by Dior came out, full of light and joy thanks to its heart of jasmine and rare rose from Grasse. It let everyone know that floral essences will be huge in 2019, and rose will be as always their queen.

Best Women’s Fragrances for 2019

Dior Joy and the Re-edition of Miss Dior

 It’s not a surprise, then, that in January Dior introduced another stunner: A re-edition of their Miss Dior Eau de Toilette, once again based on the roses from Grasse and even more beautiful than its predecessor from 2013.

Kenzo Flower by Kenzo Eau de Vie

Another contender for the prize of 2019’s best perfume is Kenzo with their new interpretation on the aroma of poppy. The new fragrance will be called Flower by Kenzo Eau de Vie and it’s designed to be a celebration of life, joy, and passion – this time built around Bulgarian rose.

Oscar de la Renta Bella Rosa

February will be the time for Oscar de la Renta to introduce their Bella Rosa, once again full of roses, freshness and tenderness. This fragrance is also an heir to a classic: the alluring Bella Blanca. If you’re not familiar with it yet, its delicate beauty will delight you and transport you to a garden covered in morning dew. Apart from white roses, its heart contains jasmine, violet leaves and lily of the valley.

Gucci Bloom Nettare di Fiori

Of course we can’t forget about Gucci! Gucci Bloom Nettare di Fiori combines rose with ginger right in the top notes, then gives way to jasmine and tuberose, and finally brings out patchouli, musk and osmanthus. This beauty is already one of 2019’s top perfumes!

Burberry Her

Sample the divine Burberry Her, an indomitable and lively fragrance that will captivate you with juicy notes of redcurrant, raspberry and blackberry, then opens its heart full of violet and jasmine, and finally delights with musk and amber in the base.

JOOP! Wow! for Women

And since fruit will be another big trend of 2019, you should absolutely try Wow! For Women by JOOP! – a combination of raspberry, rose, peony and white musk in the base which together forms a truly sensuous fragrance for a confident woman. Remember: Floral doesn’t always mean dainty or delicate!

Best Men’s Fragrances for 2019

The new aftershaves of 2019 will also be lovely. Citrus and peppermint will be front and center, especially in clean, energizing compositions designed for men who know what they want.

Burberry Mr. Burberry Indigo

Mr. Burberry Indigo contains grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, and rosemary, but its heart beats for peppermint, sage, aquatic notes, tea and violet. As for the drydown, it’s built on oakmoss and Iso E Super, making it unpretentious yet nice. A star-quality aftershave!

Hugo Boss Hugo Reversed

Hugo Boss has already introduced Hugo Reversed with an even more minimalistic bottle design. The top notes are dominated by grapefruit and Calabrian bergamot, quickly followed by rosemary and the unique molecule Pamplewood which continues the woody citrus theme, enhanced by Haitian vetiver in the drydown. A true pioneer!

Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Signature

You will also find some citrus in Salvatore Ferragamo’s Uomo Signature. This time, however, they’re leaning more oriental thanks to the addition of pink pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, patchouli, and roasted coffee beans. A perfect combination for evening occasions.

Armani Absolu

Still waiting for something really exceptional? Our favourite aftershave for 2019 is Armani Code Absolu. Not just because it’s advertising involves a certain Mr. Ryan Reynolds, but also because it’s just a great fragrance. The top notes of green tangerine and apple are followed by orange blossom, carrot seeds, and nougat, and finally by vanilla, tonka bean, and woody notes. Amazing! And already available in February... ??

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