The Best Highlighters: This is Our TOP SIX!

August 27, 2020Notino
Highlighters are a fundamental part of every modern woman’s “beauty arsenal”. You can choose from an infinite variety of finishes, textures and shades.

But how can you tell which one stands out from the rest? We’ve found six wonderful highlighters for the upcoming seasons and tested them for you. Whether you’re looking for a product that will give you a subtle glow or you want to sparkle like a disco ball, we believe that with our picks you can’t go wrong!

Highlighter as the Star of the Show

Did you know that aside from a bronzer, you can contour your face with highlighting products? The best highlighters are able to give your complexion greater luminosity and freshness, accentuating specific areas. When you use them correctly, you can bring out your best features, so that imperfections such as dark spots or under-eye circles become less visible.

How to Use a Highlighter

Highlighting is one of the best ways to ensure a juicy appearance, and it all depends on the right shade and texture. However, make sure always to follow rule number one: less is more. Don’t overdo it; you can always add a little more. Be conscious of the fact that more intense highlighting is more suitable for the evening. When applying your everyday makeup, follow the rule of all makeup artists – check to see what your finished make-up looks like in natural light.

A good-quality highlighter doesn’t settle into pores or wrinkles, but women with more prominent wrinkles, visible pores or acne scarring and texture on the cheekbones should use it sparingly, as a poorly chosen highlighter can emphasise skin imperfections. In this case, it’s better to use a product without glitter that only has a subtle sheen. The consistency and colour must suit you in order to flatter the structure of your skin. What types of highlighters can you choose from?

Liquid Highlighter

Its advantage lies in the various ways in which it can be applied. You can apply it with a sponge under makeup as a primer, mix it in with your foundation for a fresh, dewy effect, or use it on top of your finished look. Be careful – always apply your liquid highlighter before powder, as otherwise it could create unsightly glaring patches. This type of highlighter can also be used to brighten the under-eye area, but don’t forget always to start off with a thin layer.

Cream Highlighter

It works best when applied onto finished makeup before using setting powder. For a more intense highlight you can apply it with your finger. Practical packaging – a highlighter stick – makes it ideal for touching up during the day, after a session at the gym or before an important dinner. Application is quick; you only need a little practice to work out the right amount of product. Those with oilier skin should avoid it, as it will not last long and will only weigh your skin down.

Powder Highlighter

A versatile option for every skin type. Both professionals and those who are new to this makeup technique will appreciate a powder highlighter. It’s easy to apply and layer, and stays on the skin all day.

Our TIP: for a natural and fresh look, blend out with a big fluffy brush to soften the edges.

Where should you apply highlighter?

  • cupid’s bow
  • cheekbones
  • bridge of the nose
  • under the eyebrows
  • centre of the eyelid
  • décolletage, on the collarbone and shoulders


Sigma Beauty Chroma Glow

“The Sigma Beauty Chroma Glow highlighter palette surprised me very pleasantly with how richly pigmented all the shades were. The lightest dip of the brush creates a wonderful effect. For even more intensity, I tried spraying the brush with setting spray and achieved a mirror-like reflection that lasted all day. I also appreciate the fact that I can use the shades as eyeshadows. Another advantage is the diversity of the palette – you’ll have something for both daily wear and lavish parties. But be careful: the intensity of some of the highlighters doesn’t forgive imperfections, so if your skin is having a bad day, I’d be a bit more careful.”

Jana M.

L’Oréal Paris Wake Up & Glow La Vie En Glow

“The packaging contains four beautiful and intense shades – metallic rainbow, pink, gold and bronze. It has a traditional powdery texture that makes it easy to apply with a brush or your fingers. The pigmentation of the highlighters is very intense – you only have to apply a little bit. It works well for both natural and full-coverage looks. If you use a light hand, it’s perfect for your everyday look; if you go a little heavier, you’ll be more than ready for a casual event or a party.”

Maybelline Face Studio Chrome Jelly Highlighter

“The highlighter has a denser gel texture that means it adheres to the skin beautifully. It’s incredibly long-lasting – I had it on for twelve hours in extreme heat and it stayed on perfectly. The colour is intense yet subtle because of its neutral gold shade. The application is a dream, as it’s very easy to work with. Just make sure to work quickly and use more product, as it dries quite quickly and could create streaks. But don’t worry, you’ll get used to it in no time. I used my fingers to apply the product and the result was great.”

Kate C. tested both L’Oréal and Maybelline

Perricone MD No Makeup Highlighter

“Are you looking for glitter and intense shine? Then this product isn’t for you. The Perricone MD No Makeup Highlighter is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a truly subtle and natural finish. Its delicate pearly shade blends with your complexion and looks like a second skin, only better and more radiant. It also works brilliantly when mixed with foundation to make you look truly refreshed and awake. Did you miss out on your beauty sleep? Don’t get stressed; with this highlighter no one will notice.”

Andrea K.

NYX Professional Makeup Away We Glow

“The liquid highlighter from NYX Professional Makeup delivers exactly what its name promises. Intense pigmentation and a long-lasting formula are no strangers to this product, so it’s perfect for a glam look. Its liquid consistency also allows you to create everyday or natural looks that only require the smallest drop. It’s also a multi-purpose product. You can mix it in with your primer, cream or even your foundation or body milk.”

Anna C.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Shimmer Stick

“I must admit that I’ve never used a cream highlighter before. Therefore I was all the more surprised by how easy the application was. I put one coat on the top of my cheekbones, blended it in with my fingers and that was it. To achieve a more luminous effect, I also applied a little under the eyebrows and on my cupid’s bow. The Shade 1 Light Gold that I used is really universal, so you can even use it as eyeshadow, which saves a lot of space in my make-up bag. Last but not least, I must mention its long-lasting formula and subtle shine.”

Zuzana C.

Author: Notino

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