The best shampoo and serum for hair growth

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We all want beautiful, long, thick and healthy hair. It’s sexy and gets people’s attention. But what if nature hasn’t seen fit to bless you with it? Get a shampoo or serum to promote hair growth!


Your hair should grow 1 cm every month, but whether it actually does so is down to your genes. There are also other factors such as what you eat or drink, or stress, things you can work on every day. You should also focus on increasing your intake of B vitamins, silicon, zinc and iron. Make sure you see your hairdresser regularly, and be careful when it comes to colour and styling. Regular scalp massages work well too.

Don’t forget special shampoo for hair growth, hair activators, and hair growth serum. These are unique products developed by experts that care for your scalp, nourishing it, stimulating the circulation and activating and strengthening the roots, or stimulating the growth of hair follicles. These all are important to make your hair grow faster!

The best shampoo for hair growth

Kérastase Résistance Bain Extentioniste is a great-smelling shampoo for hair growth and strengthening. It includes creatine, which strengthens the hair from inside, and Creatine R complex, which increases your hair’s flexibility and durability. It doesn’t forget about your scalp either, containing lipids to help with regeneration and taurine, a protective amino acid! The range also includes a conditioner, hair mask and serum.

Rene Furterer Forticea calls itself an energising shampoo for hair growth and it can do just that: it gives your hair new energy and promotes its growth. Behind it are natural ingredients such as guarana (which stimulates the follicles), orange essential oil (to support microcirculation in the skin), lavender (with antiseptic and relaxing properties) and rosemary (which actually helps prevent hair loss).

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Scalp Genesis is part of the very first range of holistic hair products by the brand. It really does know how to speed up hair growth. It detoxes the scalp with its patented StemCode™ complex, while the BC Scalp Genesis vitamins fight stress factors and activate the roots towards new growth in thinning hair.

The best serum for hair growth

Wella Professionals SP Balance Scalp literally extends the life of every single hair. The zinc-pyrithione strengthens it, while the energising complex stimulates the scalp and improves circulation for the roots. Your hair has more life and is stronger, while also being more resistant to hair loss.

Curapil Hair Care is not a serum but a conditioner. This is a brand new, completely natural conditioner to promote hair growth. It is free of silicons, sulphates and parabens but does contain stimulating caffeine, nourishing keratin and D-panthenol that look after your perfect, thick mane!

If you want to see more, take a look at the hair growth products section. We have hundreds of products! You can search by brand or try looking for a good hair growth product by checking out the ingredients.

Top ingredients for stimulating hair growth:

  • • Caffeine or guarana – stimulants for hair follicle growth and circulation in the scalp
    • Mint extract – energises and refreshes the hair
    • Keratin – an essential protein to nourish growing hair (it is also its main building block)
    • Zinc + silicon – the former binds keratin molecules and the latter nourishes them, so together they support the very essence of each hair fibre
    • Group B vitamins – for nutrition and steady hair growth
    • Stemoxydine – usually a 5% concentrate that activates even inactive hair follicles
    • Lipids – to regenerate the scalp

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