The Best Skin Care of 2021: Top Skin Care Products

January 7, 2022Notino
I consider skin care products to be an everyday necessity, which means that this type of cosmetics is literally the closest to me. Using the best skin care is the main reason why I still look significantly younger than my real age. But it’s about more than just this one nice, superficial detail. The key thing is that my skin is healthy, smooth and nourished thanks to products I can always rely on, whether on a freezing winter day or in the summer heat.

I always make sure to to choose my skin care just as carefully as I do with makeup, because taking care of my skin, cleansing it and nourishing it is the be-all and end-all of beauty. I could buy the most stunning shade of lipstick or the perfect blusher, but what really matters is the canvas – my skin. 

So – which products are helping me to keep my skin in the best possible condition? 

Here’s our TOP TEN: 

Best Eye Cream

Best Face Mask

Best Makeup Remover

Best Face Cream 

1. Hydration is key, even in winter. The first time I heard about a moisturiser that offers up to 100 hours of hydration, I was delighted. That is the power of the Clinique Moisture Surge™ 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator. This product helps your skin create its own source of water and locks it in to keep your face toned, bright and fresh even after long meetings or a sleepless work night. Even Carrie Bradshaw would love it if she knew about it!

2. Darphin products are the stuff of legends, and I know exactly why: their line of Hydraskin creams gives me a boost of hydration in any situation. It keeps my skin from getting dry or tight, instead leaving it perfectly supple and nourished. I also use it as an ideal makeup base, because it keeps my makeup looking fresh all day long. This product absorbs fast, doesn’t have a sticky texture and contains glasswort (Salicornia herbacea), kiwi and lavender.

Best Skin Serum: 

3. At my age I simply have to think about wrinkles, whether I like it or not. Luckily I’ve tried several different products so I know which one will work for me. I particularly enjoy products with hyaluronic acid, especially the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler. This anti-wrinkle serum visibly smooths my skin and makes it look younger. My wrinkles are filled from the inside and my skin tone is finally unified. 

4. Shiseido products have been some of the best in the field of skin care for years now. My favourite is the Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate serum. Did you know that one is sold every 7 seconds? It’s not hard to see why. This product boasts 32 patents and 179 beauty accolades from around the world. It truly rejuvenates and tones the skin thanks to unique technologies resulting from 20 years of research. Its formula includes rosewater and a concentrate from reishi mushroom, iris and thyme. In short – the best of the best!

7. When I need a bit of pampering with the best hydrating care, typically after a beach holiday or when I’ve been neglecting my skin a little, I reach for the Saffee Advanced Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules. They’re like a little magic that makes my skin smoother, plumper and more youthful within a week. This intense product contains hyaluronic acid as well as vitamin E – plus it’s fragrance-free and perfectly suitable for my sensitive skin.


Best Anti-wrinkle Creams

5. Shiseido is also an expert in anti-wrinkle skin care. I’ve been especially enjoying their Vital Perfection Intensive Wrinklespot Treatment. This product is very effective on wrinkles and lines as well as hyperpigmentation and dark circles – not to mention it smells like Japanese orchid and softens the rough areas on my face. 

6. I also love the Shiseido Waso Shikulime moisturiser, even though it’s mostly designed for younger skin and has a sebum-regulating effect. It gives me wonderful 48-hour hydration and I appreciate the fact that it’s manufactured in an eco-friendly way. 

8. Another one of my favourites is the Eisenberg Homme Complexe Anti-Âge cream. I apply it on freshly cleansed skin including my eye area. It tones my skin and combats wrinkles, plus it contains hyaluronic acid, kukui oil and silk protein for an amazing pampering effect. 

9. Even though I’ve already passed the big 40, people usually think I’m still in my thirties.  When it comes to face creams, always remember that it’s better to be prepared than surprised. I love, for instance, the Vichy Neovadiol Peri-Menopause cream which is perfect for dry skin. This product was specially designed for women in menopause, it reduces visible signs of menopause and leaves your skin soft and glowing. What’s not to love?


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