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4 Different Ways to Pack: We Have a Great Travel Cheat Sheet for You, Gentlemen!


Petra Vachousek

5-minute read

You love to travel, but packing is quite the ordeal. Because you almost always forget something. Want to enjoy travelling with everything you need? We've packed four different types of luggage for you, so you won't be missing anything on any of your next trips.

We've packed for a business trip and teambuilding, a Euro weekend of love, as well as for the mountains with a bunch of friends. Wherever you're headed, maybe you're just going to the gym after work, make sure you have everything you need for peace of mind. 

1.A Bag for Slogging It Out in the Gym

For starters, we're going to have a warm-up round - packing stuff for the gym. It'll be simple, because you're probably not sleeping there overnight... The basics are a towel, sportswear and shoes. You may also use a water bottle or a shaker, into which you can mix a protein drink right after a workout and drink it either in the gym at the bar or in the car on the way home. 

If you exercise in the morning before work and have a long day ahead of you, throw some snacks in your bag too. Neither a protein bar nor a bag of jerky will take up much space in your bag. Both taste great, and most importantly, they satiate for a longer period of time.

For maximum performance in the gym, don't forget your headphones. Make a selection of songs on your mobile phone just for "hitting the gym". With the right music, lifting heavy weights will come naturally. 

After your workout, a shower is a must. Grab your favourite shower gel too. You shouldn't be without a solid deodorant or antiperspirant either. You simply have to smell great on the way out of the gym. There's no doubt about it.

What you must not be without at the gym

2. A Suitcase for a Business Trip

Do you have a multi-day business trip or are you packing for teambuilding? In addition to dressing appropriately for your profession, take a look at your cosmetics too. Don't forget your toothbrush and toothpaste, because fresh breath is essential. Also pack perfume or Eau de Toilette (and not just so your colleagues will go crazy over you). 

If you're going to be under the scrutiny of your superiors for a few days and you need to make an impression on them, you'd better take a shaver or beard trimmer and shaving cosmetics with you. A consistently smooth face makes a good impression on the bosses. 

P.S.: If you're taking someone on a business trip in your car, it's not just you who should smell nice, but also your car. Therefore, get a pleasant and not too overpowering scent. And don't forget to clean up your car before you pick up your colleagues. You know the drill.

What will you use on a business trip?

3. Carry-on Luggage for a Weekend Trip

Your partner can't wait to spend a few days with you in Rome, Paris, Barcelona or another famous metropolis? Then you need to know what not to forget at home for such a romantic experience. 

In addition to your standard supply of travel cosmetics and plenty of clean clothes and underwear, try surprising her with a tastefully chosen erotic gift. You finally have time for yourselves, so take advantage of it. Enjoy pleasurable moments of getting to know each other even under the covers.

The ideal atmosphere for cuddling can be enhanced, for example, with a scented candle. One of the smaller ones should fit nicely in your hand luggage on the plane. Or try to at least pack some erotic oil. Where else would there be time for lengthy foreplay than a romantic weekend?

Be sure not to leave your favourite perfume or hair styling products at home. At a romantic dinner not only should your partner look good, but you should too. Hair styled according to your taste will give you the necessary courage and healthy self-confidence.

What to take with you on your romantic weekend?

4. A Backpack for the Mountains

You're excited like little kids! Finally, you've got "leave" from home and you're off on a boys' trip to the mountains. You are in for a hefty serving of adrenaline and undoubtedly a lot of fun. Before you leave, make sure you have all the sporting equipment and functional clothing you will need for your activities. 

What next? As always, your favourite cosmetics will also come in handy. The obligatory equipment includes not only a toothbrush (you can get a sonic or electric one) and toothpaste, but also deodorant or body spray, shower gel and shampoo. If you wear contact lenses, don't forget to take solution with you, so you have somewhere to put them at night.

High in the mountains you will also benefit from sunglasses and sunscreen, ideally with SPF 30 or SPF 50. You will also benefit from vitamins and minerals for athletes, which will support maximum performance on a hike and prevent injuries. You can then supplement your energy on the ridges with dried fruit. The bag fits in the top of your backpack or in your jacket pocket.

What do you need up high in the mountains?

Are you finally packed? Got everything you need? Hopefully, we've helped you out a bit with these unconventional travel tips, and you'll enjoy your trips that much more.