Aromatherapy at home aka the best home fragrances

January 30, 2018Notino

The healing effect of aromatherapy has been known since ancient Egypt and China, where they used essential oils in many ceremonies and rituals. It was believed that the aromas could trigger people’s higher consciousness. Nowadays, natural essential oils have proven antibacterial effects and can calm or awaken us.

Aromatherapy can be used directly or inhaled. When the molecules enter the lungs, the aroma stimulates certain parts of the brain that bring about a therapeutic response, followed by better feelings. The receptors in your nose send messages via the nervous system to the part of the brain that influences your moods and emotions.

How to make your home fragrant

Besides drops of essential oil in your bath or on your pillow, ready-made products, such as high-quality aromatherapy candles, a scent diffuser, aroma lamps and room sprays, help to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Thanks to the innovative technologies used in room fragrances, you can now enjoy both warm atmospheres and beautiful design.

Although fragrance is a matter of personal preference, it can be said that woody scents are better suited to a space than sweeter, fruity fragrances. It doesn’t mean that your home should smell like a campfire, more that a little woody spice or smoke makes a room seem cosier.

Candles can do wonders

The most aromatic candles, which often make people say, “Mmm, that smells great – what is it?”, are the ones that can make the whole room smell good even without being lit. They are top-quality candles made from carefully selected ingredients, characterised by what may even seem to be an overly strong scent when they are first taken out of the box.

The best-quality yet affordable candles include Bath & Body Works and the Kringle Candle. The authentic aroma of a winter forest will permeate your home with a Winter candle made with natural essential oils from the Camp Winter collection by Bath & Body Works. The scent of Cashmere & Cocoa in a candle by Kringle Candle will be like a caress for you in any weather, and it will also look beautiful decorating your home. The comforting fragrance of vanilla and lavender will inspire you with the organic candle by Root Candles, Lavender Vanilla. Most of the candles can be bought in cheaper, votive versions or as scented wax for aroma lamps.

Fragrant luxury

If you want to invest a little, explore the luxury candles by Baobab. The candles, such as the fantastic Aurum from the Les Exclusives collection, are hand-crafted from the finest ingredients and essential oils. They are real design pieces that are pleasing even to the most discerning eye.

The new era of aroma diffusers

If you would like to try something new, an aroma diffuser is the ideal scented decor. Choose from trusted high-quality brands such as Spring Air from Greece or Chando from Asia. Chando in particular has created beautiful ceramic diffusers inspired by nature. Instead of classic rattan diffuser sticks, the fragrance is in special patented porcelain. For example, the Myst Lilac & Nutmeg has an elegant flower, while the Ocean Amber & Sage has a seahorse.

Catalytic lamps

Ashleigh & Burwood London is an English company that makes not just an aromatherapy diffuser but also excellent catalytic lamps. You haven’t heard of them before? The principle of burning without a flame (a catalytic reaction) was known as far back as in Ancient Egypt. It safely cleans and disinfects the air, removes 99% of mites and bacteria and destroys bad odour molecules, including cigarette smoke. We recommend the Fairy Ball gift set, which is ideal for beginners. It contains scented oil and a smaller lamp with a rainbow decoration.

Scented sachets

Remember your mum putting soap in a paper bag in the wardrobe? Every morning you’d rush off to school with the scent of home all around you. Nowadays we don’t bother with soap, since far more effective aromatherapy products have appeared, such as scented sachets for the wardrobe. We recommend the Culti Decor Assolato perfumed sachet.

Room spray

Room sprays are a practical choice when you’re travelling and they let you take your favourite home fragrance with you wherever you go. Almost every aroma oil diffuser and the scented candles mentioned above have their own versions in a spray format. Try the sensual spray by Spring Air, Ultra Scent Premium Pomegranate Delight, which will scent the air around you with a woody, pomegranate fragrance. You can spray the fragrance on your bedding or the sofa, curl up in a ball and put your favourite film on. Have you heard of Hygge? If not, conjuring up the most beautiful atmosphere with fragrance is definitely part of a real Hygge ritual. How does a specific scent affect your mood?

Lavender scent helps you to fall asleep, while peppermint cools the senses and increases alertness. Not only can lemongrass cheer you up instantly, it also cleans the air and has an antiseptic effect. Eucalyptus essential oil can help you breathe. When it comes to invigorating the soul, the best thing for sadness and anxiety is the essential oils of bergamot, cypress, rose and orange. One final tip – sweet scented jasmine acts as an aphrodisiac. A carefully selected fragrance can fill your home with so much energy. Breathe in deep, feel great!

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