Best Christmas Gifts for Women

November 20, 2019Notino
The most beautiful holiday of the year is approaching and we all have a woman in our lives that we want to buy a gift for: our wife, sister, mum, grandma, friend, or daughter. Unfortunately, many people treat gift shopping like a stroll through a supermarket.

 That’s why we’ve put together our picks for Christmas gifts for women that will definitely be a hit – you can even save this list for birthdays, name days, or anniversaries.

Presents for Your Other Half

Rule number one: a good perfume is always a right gift for a woman. After all, there’s a reason why fragrance is one of the most popular Christmas presents for women. An elegant perfume with a stylish design by the jewellery brand Tiffany & Co., which is hugely popular among women, will be fantastic for those who love floral perfumes – plus, every woman dreams of owning something from Tiffany!

If your wife has a soft spot for intense and daring fragrances, she’ll be absolutely ecstatic about the elegant Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal gift set with body lotion. This sweet perfume with floral undertones and honey has a sensuous gourmand character.

Presents for Your Mum

Every year before Christmas, we try to find the best gifts for women, especially the ones we love the most – our mums. Introduce your mum to a legend in the world of beauty! Just like movie business has Marilyn Monroe and football has Messi, the world of beauty has the 8-hour cream by Elizabeth Arden. Tell your mum it’s one of the most popular products among Hollywood celebrities and watch her reaction to its incredible moisturising effects. Ideally, get the whole Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Miracle Moisturizers gift set for women, because your mum deserves only the best!

A magical Ashleigh & Burwood London Vintage Rose catalytic lamp as a Christmas gift will make your mum feel like she’s just stepped into a fairy tale. Not only does it fill the home with a lovely aroma – it also cleans and disinfects the air, plus it’s perfectly safe because a catalytic reaction uses so-called flameless burning (unlike a standard candle). Your whole family will love the cosy and warm holiday atmosphere, and the unusual burning process might even intrigue the amateur chemists in your family. After all, Christmas gifts for women should never be boring!

Presents for Your Grandma

Ever since we were kids, we’ve enjoyed making grandma happy. The best Christmas gift picks for women who took care of you and still love to make your favourite dishes should be really festive – that way you can never go wrong. If you buy the KOBO Broad St. Brand Starry Sky scented candle made from soy wax, it’ll be a classic gift in a trendy form, which is an ideal combination.

The delicate Chloé L’Eau fragrance will be an elegant and welcome surprise. It's well-loved by women of all ages from all around the world, and it puts femininity first. A perfect gift for your grandmother, don’t you think?

Presents for Your Sister

A gift for a woman who’s been with you since childhood, should be carefully selected and even practical – something that she will actually have use for. Does your sister love beauty and makeup? In that case, get her the Sigma Beauty Essential Trio Brush Set set of makeup brushes. Sigma is still a go-to brand for many makeup freaks!

You can’t go wrong with a well-selected fragrance – such as the clean and seductive Lancôme Idôle Eau de Parfum which has become so popular with today’s generation of young independent women. The face of this perfume is Zendaya – if your sister loves following the hottest new TV shows, she probably already loves her because of Euphoria.

Presents for Your Friend

Do you have friends who are always by your side and whom you can rely on under any circumstances? They definitely deserve something really special for Christmas. Your best choice will be a gift set that includes several products – after all, they’re some of the most popular Christmas presents practically every year.

The popular brand EOS came out with a super girly (= pink) Super Soft Shea Cherry set that will make your skin perfectly smooth and soft. The Normaderm Phytosolution set by Vichy has products for skin prone to acne and large pores – they clean and brighten up the complexion for a more youthful appearance.


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