Best Christmas Presents for Kids

November 26, 2019Notino

Buying gifts for our children allows us to once again experience that moment of pure joy when your wish comes true. This year, get your present online to avoid the crowds of stressed parents – and maybe have a look at our Christmas gift picks for kids, so that your holiday shopping can be more fun.

Presents for Small Kids

Imagine the best skin care that’s gentle enough for delicate children’s skin. Good hydration and no unpleasant rash are the main things you need to keep your baby happy and save yourself sleepless nights and unnecessary stress. This is why you should pay attention to the ingredients and buy the right products according to your kid’s age.

The Weleda Baby and Child Gift Set III. for Kids gift set for kids is amazing for sensitive skin, and it’s soothing aroma feels almost like a lullaby. The Bohemia Gifts & Cosmetics natural cosmetics for relaxation offer gift sets for children including newborns and their products come in fun animals designs.

To make the holiday spirit really last, get the Regina Gingerbread bath kit which smells of gingerbread and includes among other things a lip balm and a lunchbox that’s perfect for Christmas sweets. A set like this will make bath time way more fun and your baby will be clean and happy.

Presents for Girls

We have the best Christmas gifts for kids, whether they go to kindergarten or primary school. The handy Dtangler Kids brush will put an end to tangled hair, plus it’s easy to use even for the clumsier dad. The pink Vivian Gray Twinky The Unicorn set is sure to be a hit with little girls who will start looking forward to everyday hygiene ritual and regularly taking care of their skin. And buying a gift for a girl who loves Olaf the snowman and princess Elsa from Frozen will be as simple as getting the delightful Lip Smacker Disney Frozen Gift Set I. with a lovely fragrance and flavour.

Do you remember the moment you got your first moisturiser or perfume like a proper “grown-up”? Your little girl can now have this unforgettable experience too with the Klorane Bébé Eau de Toilette which is suitable even for the smallest kids because it’s completely free of alcohol or colourants. After all, Christmas gifts for kids have a special significance when they allow them to feel a bit like an adult.

Presents for Boys

Christmas gift ideas for kids don’t have to be just a load of plastic toys that will end up in the bin before the New Year comes. Read about our Christmas present ideas for boys that will bring them lots of joy and fun every single day.

Little rascals who love Minions (yes – they’re the yellow blobby figures who talk funny) will love the EP Line Minions 2-in-1 shower gel and shampoo that definitely captures their attention. Young gentlemen who are already interested in girls and want their attention, will certainly appreciate the EP Line Ultimate Spiderman Eau de Toilette.

Fizzy drinks like cola are not great for kids – but getting them in the form of bath products for Christmas is a different story. Just make sure to tell your little boy that the Ziaja Kids Bubble Cola body wash is really not meant for drinking, even though it smells so delicious.


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