Best Facial Sunscreens According to Skin Type

July 23, 2019Notino
Your skin needs extra care in the summer, one that can only be provided by a special facial sunscreen that’s suited to your skin type!


If you’ve ever tried to use a normal sunscreen on your face, you probably know it leaves a lot to be desired. Sunscreen lotions are usually too thick and leave your face feeling greasy and sticky. By contrast, facial sunscreens are light and absorb easily, allowing you to put on makeup without worry.

It’s also worth pointing out that the skin of your face is more delicate and more exposed to the sun. This means that sunscreen for face has to be really well chosen depending on your skin type because dry skin requires a different product than one that’s oily or has wrinkles.

Read on to find out which facial sunscreens I recommend for any given skin type.

Gentle Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

La Roche-Posay Anthelios SHAKA is a facial sunscreen fluid that protects sensitive skin with SPF 50. It’s fragrance-free and non-sticky, it absorbs easily and suitable even for intolerant skin. A fantastic sunscreen for sensitive skin – even though it can be a little runny.

Mattifying Sunscreen for Oily Skin

An oil-free formula is the main advantage of the Heliocare 360°, which is a facial sunscreen gel with SPF 50 and a sebum-regulating action. Thanks to a green tea extract and vitamins C and E, this product keeps free radicals at bay while theFernblock FC technology protects the cellular DNA of your skin. Plus, it’s waterproof!

Moisturising Sunscreen for Dry Skin

If you’re looking for something that will offer your dry skin hydration as well as protection, try the Biotherm Fluide Solaire. Its SPF 15 makes it more suitable for less sunny days, but it has the benefit of making your tan last longer.

Anti-Ageing Sunscreen for Skin with Wrinkles

Since the sun also speeds up the ageing process in your skin, you’ll need the Collistar Sun Protection, the best anti-wrinkle facial sunscreen I know. It has SPF 30 and prevents new wrinkles as well as uneven pigmentation which can be a problem after sunbathing. No more spots!

Sunscreen for Skin with Dark Spots and Scars

While we’re at it... If you’re dealing with hyperpigmentation or scars on your face, you need the Bioderma Photoderm Laser sunscreen. Thanks to its patented Cellular Bioprotection technology, it really protects your skin reliably while providing hydration along with a soothing and softening effect! (Tinted) Sunscreen for Acne-Prone Skin Problem skin can really struggle during the summer. You need something mattifying and non-comedogenic – something like the Avène Cleanance Solaire which can be used on your face and your body. And if you prefer a bit of colour, I recommend the Lancaster 365 Compact with Tan Activator Complex which makes your tan (specifically the melatonin production in your skin) last up to a month longer! Plus it comes in 3 different shades.

Universal Facial Sunscreen for All Skin Types

The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense For Face stays on for hours, even at the pool or in the salt water of the ocean. It spreads easily, has a nice fragrance, moisturises your skin, doesn’t feel heavy, and it’s one of the few sunscreens that keep long after you’ve opened them. No need to throw it out when you come home from your holiday!

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