Best Hair Curling Iron: Top 5 for Any Occasion!

June 4, 2020Notino
A good curling iron will create romantic ringlets as well as elegant waves. But how do you find the one that will really help you leave the house with your head held high and not an unwanted “messy chic” style where your beautiful curls should be? Pick your one and only wizard wand today!


How to Pick the Right Curling Iron

There are many fantastic curling irons around, so you’re guaranteed to find one that best suits your needs. Do you need something for beautiful waves, for short hair, tight ringlets, or are you thinking about a blow styler? We’ll help you choose and we’ll introduce you to the best curling wands in each category. To start, ask yourself these questions:

Do I want tight curls or big waves?

To create tight ringlets, or really any beautiful style on short hair, your curling wand should have no more than 1,9 centimetres in diameter. A bigger one will be ideal for larger waves and longer hair.

Our TIP: Do you have short hair and need volume more than curls? In that case, pick a bigger curling iron for loose waves.

Is my hair brittle or strong?

Damaged and brittle hair usually benefit from a curling iron with ceramic coating, while those with strong hair can go with a titanium one.

And definitely don’t forget that:

  • Damaged and brittle hair can only be exposed to temperatures up to 150C.
  • Fine hair can only handle up to 170C.
  • Strong hair can deal with up to 200C and coarse, thick hair will be okay with 240C.

Am I a beginner or have I been using a curling iron for some time?

Are you only just learning how to use a curling wand? In that case, try an automatic one. You may know it as an automatic curler or a self-curling iron – however, a classic curling iron with a clasp will also be great. By contrast, a conical curling iron requires more practice. That being said, once you learn how to use it, you’ll be rewarded with the most natural-looking curls in the world!

Once you know the answers to these questions, it’s time to talk about the specific types of curling wands and introduce you to our top picks.

5 Best Curling Irons

Automatic Curler

A curling iron with its own small engine will curl your hair by itself and let you know the exact moment a particular hair section is perfectly styled. It might cost more than other types, but it makes hair styling almost effortless. The best automatic curling iron is the BaByliss PRO Curling Iron MiraCurl 2665E with ceramic coating and 3 different directions of curling to choose from.

Curling Iron with a Clasp

We find that the best classic curling iron with a clasp is the Remington Pro Curl Soft CI6325. The wand has a universally practical diameter of 2.5cm and the coating combines the characteristics of a ceramic material and tourmaline with ionic technology to help your hair glide more smoothly. Plus, it heats up almost instantly!

Conical Curling Iron

The Remington Pearl CI95 has an ultra smooth ceramic surface with added powder from real pearls. Its tapered shape makes it really easy to create natural-looking curls without breaking or damaging your hair. Are you in a hurry to get to the party and need to style your hair as quickly as possible? Then you’ll appreciate the Turbo Boost mode which makes the iron heat up fast to the highest temperature.

Curling Heat Styler

A curling heat styler is a special device which combines the benefits of a curling wand and a hairdryer. We recommend the Braun Satin Hair 5 – AS 530, a product suitable for everyday use. It has integrated steam function to give your hair the necessary hydration during styling and make sure it doesn’t get overly dry.

Triple Barrel Curling Iron

The BaByliss Curlers Easy Waves with titanium-ceramic coating is sort of a hybrid of the models mentioned above. This curling wand will help you achieve wavy Bohemian curls as well as a more subdued look with little tight curls inspired by famous Hollywood actresses from old 1930s movies.

How to Curl Your Hair Correctly?

  1. Make sure your hair is completely dry and clean (without any hairspray, hair gel, etc.). The only exception to this rule is a heat styler which can be used on wet hair.
  2. Before curling your hair, use a heat-protection spray.
  3. Start with the bottom sections of your hair, pin the upper layers up at the crown and then release them as you go. Finish by styling the hair above your forehead – and you’re done! Now just wait for your hair to cool down and set it with hairspray.

Our TIP: Work with smaller sections of your hair if you want defined curls, and bigger sections if you’re after loose, casual waves.

Author: Notino

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