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The Summer Solstice Has Magical Powers for Your Beauty, Too! Try These Beauty Rituals


Jana Krajco

4-minute read

It’s like being five again and running barefoot on the grass – that’s the mood of the summer solstice. The Sun enters the sign of Cancer on that day, and it’s the longest day and shortest night of the year. This day filled with magic, as nature shows its power, has many customs and rituals associated with it. Try them and discover their power for yourself!

The Magic of the Summer Solstice

Jumping over fire, dancing barefoot with garlands of flowers in your hair, meditation, yoga salutations to the sun – the summer solstice, which this year falls on 20 June, is celebrated in different ways around the world. But the goal is the same: to pay homage to Mother Nature and two elements – water and fire. Don’t fancy jumping over flames? Not to worry. We have beauty rituals for you to celebrate the longest day of the year!

Everything Unnecessary Is Out

The solstice is the moment when it is time to say goodbye to everything that no longer serves us. And you can apply this to the entire body. What is guaranteed to cleanse us mentally and physically is water. So you can start with a long bath. It is recommended that you seek out a natural water source, but in truth, everything will be a tad more pleasant in a bath than in a lake or stream. In fact, you can massively improve the whole ritual. 

For your purifying ritual

Light candles to connect with the fire element. With each wick you light, set yourself a goal for the future. Gently bring your hands close to each side of the candle for a moment to feel its warmth. Throw some herbal bath salts or fresh or dried flowers into the bath, and relax. Finally, get rid of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin with a thorough full body scrub

In the Care of Nature

After proper cleansing, your skin will require nourishment. Consider products with natural ingredients to help you; they inherently belong to this holiday. These can be herbs and plants such as chamomilecalendulalavender or daisies, but honey is also a good option. The solstice is also an important event for bees, because from this day onward, they begin to prepare for winter. 

Revitalising Cosmetics

A good-quality, nourishing face cream works, but throw in a mask or serum for today too. Support their effectiveness with a massage roller made of crystals – another symbol of energy. In addition to aiding the absorption of important nourishing ingredients, it also promotes circulation, relieves tension and relaxes facial muscles for greater elasticity. 

And don’t forget the rest of your body – reward your skin with a revitalising body cream and your hands and feet with a nourishing mask. Let the product do its work while you enjoy a moment of silence and relaxation. 

Tune In to the Sun

It’s time to get outside – preferably in nature, either on your own or in the company of good friends. The goal is to enjoy the sun’s rays and their power to the fullest. Of course, make sure you’ve got sunscreen on your face and other exposed parts of your body, so you don’t damage your skin unnecessarily. 

You can also pay tribute to the sun and its power by choosing makeup in its colours. Yellow, orange, gold – these are all tones that belong to today. Try a gold lipstick or a yellow eyeshadow

Makeup inspired by the sun

End with Meditation

The solstice is also a good time for reflection and new beginnings. Be present in the moment. At least stop for a moment and think about how you can grow on the inside, or kickstart that playfulness and creativity that we tend to lose as the years go by. Acknowledge your gratitude for every little joy in your life. The energy from the sun and connecting with nature will help you to do this.

And now, just meditate. Let your bare feet feel the pleasant coolness of the earth and the softness of the grass, listen to the birds singing, and maybe practise some yoga. Walk around for a while, or just sit and take in the present moment. And our tip? Apply an essential oil with your favourite fragrance to your pulse points to enhance the whole atmosphere.

And do you find yourself wondering why the solstice can’t be every day? Then feel free to make it happen whenever you need it!