Christmas stocking fillers for men

December 7, 2015Notino
Yes, we know, men can be pretty difficult to shop for, especially if they’re over five years old and you want to surprise them with a collection of little meaningful gifts. It takes patience and sometimes a healthy dose of imagination, but if you persevere, you’ll see that stocking stuffers for men can be quite easy to find.


Shaving products - oldie, but goodie

First of all, don’t beat yourself up over the fact that your ideas for Christmas presents might not be completely original. Let us tell you a little secret - the truth is that only a few people actually want their Christmas gifts to be the epitome of uniqueness. The rest of us simply wish for something that will bring us a little bit of joy, make our day nicer, and tell us that you care.


So yes, shaving creams, shaving soaps, after-shave balms and similar products do make excellent cheap stocking fillers for him - and even more expensive ones, if you so decide. If your man likes to use a classic shaving soap bar, you can buy him the Da Vinci Uomo shaving brush that will caress the skin and create the most luxurious lather you’ll ever see. To calm the skin after shaving, choose the right after-shave lotion or balm. The L’Occitane Eau des Bavx after-shave balm not only soothes the skin and prevents razor burn, but also has an amazing and inimitable scent.

Small and thoughtful presents

When you’re looking for last minute gifts for him, another safe bet will be any type of hair product. You should obviously have some idea of what your man likes to use or needs, but being just a tad adventurous and making him try a new brand or texture usually pays off. If he mostly goes for hair gel, buy him a clay-based product that will leave a matte finish while achieving the same hold. One of the most widely popular ones is the American Crew Defining Paste that gives hair shape while still leaving the hairstyle flexible.

And of course, we can’t possibly have a list of recommendations for men without mentioning aftershave. Some fresh, manly smelling fragrance, like for instance the Terre d’Hermes, is guaranteed to make him happy and become his new signature. When it comes to aftershaves as stocking stuffers, remember that the gift should perhaps look unassuming, but have the potential to knock him off his feet.

Unusual gifts for men

Looking for something a little less middle-of-the-road? Niche fragrances are the perfect gift to buy for a man who prides himself on his exquisite taste, or maybe just wants to stand out in a subtle and sophisticated way. Don’t worry, niche perfumery doesn’t automatically mean loud and extravagant scents. There are a lot of niche aftershaves that fit the idea of a classic men’s scent, only with tiny twists and refinements.

Comme des Garçons 2 Man is certainly one of them. This woody and balsamic composition reads as distinctly masculine, although like most fragrances, it is perfectly suitable for both men and women. Its leather undertones give it a certain smoothness, while the notes of saffron, nutmeg and caraway provide a spicy edge.

Is the man you’re shopping for a little more conservative and doesn’t often go for new fragrances? In that case, a scented shower gel or a shaving soap might be a good idea. If he likes it, all the better, if he ends up not being that fond of it, you will not have spent too much on something that’s not right. For a gift that’s likely to suit most men, try the Acqua di Parma Colonia shower gel - it smells refreshing and will give the skin only a hint of scent.

And don’t worry, even if you think your boyfriend, husband or father doesn’t like surprises, in reality he’ll probably appreciate the little bit of luxury you’ll carefully pick out for him.

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