Do you like sunbathing? Discover the best after-sun products

August 21, 2020Notino
Beautiful bronzed skin is definitely a part of a summer, but no doubt you’ve noticed that your skin gets drier and tighter after sunbathing, and if you overdo it?

 Well, we all know what that’s like. What can you do to provide some relief and get your skin glowing again? After-sun products give your skin the hydration it needs and alleviate redness, and some can even prolong your tan. So, along with a few tips, we’re here to tell you about the best products that you shouldn’t go without this summer.

What can happen if you overdo the sunbathing?

  • Burnt skin. This is caused by UVB rays and may not even show up for several hours. It’s easy to recognise. Your skin will be red and hot to the touch and, in the worst cases, blisters will start to form.
  • Premature skin ageing. The combination of UVA and UVB rays literally robs your skin of its collagen and elastin. They are the reason for the unnecessary premature wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity, as well as pigment spots and freckles.
  • Skin allergies. Sometimes the skin has an extreme reaction to the sun, and as a result eczema occurs. In can spring up a day or so after sunbathing. The good news, however, is that even though there are no medicines for sun allergies, the symptoms can be significantly reduced.

But I use a sunscreen with a high SPF...

Sun protection is essential to keep your skin healthy and beautiful, but after-sun care is there to provide sun-stressed and dried skin with the hydration, freshness and elasticity it has lost.

Our tip: for extra hydration, use Piz Buin After Sun spray containing hyaluronic acid.

What about sunburn?

  1. Get out of the sun as soon as you notice your skin is burning.
  2. Apply a wet, lukewarm towel to the affected areas, or take a lukewarm shower or bath.
  3. Drink plenty to restore your skin’s hydration and speed up healing.
  4. Apply an aloe vera gel or La Roche-Posay Posthelios cooling after-sun gel to the burnt parts of your body.
  5. Panthenol after sunbathing is capable of near-miracles. Its hydrating and regenerative affects can be found, for example, in Altermed Panthenol Omega lotion, which contains sea buckthorn.
  6. Do not expose affected areas to sunlight until they have completely healed.

Our tip: We recommend Bioderma Photoderm After Sun hypoallergenic lotion for people with allergies and for children.

How can I make my tan last as long as possible?

Step 1: Wash off all dirt, such as sand, chlorine and sunscreen, with lukewarm water. Nuxe Sun after-sun shower gel for hair and body with the exotic scent of gardenia, orange and coconut is perfect for this. Not much room in your suitcase? If you prefer a 3-in-1 shower gel that you can also use to wash your face, Payot Sunny is just what you need.

Step 2: Pamper your skin with extra hydrating products and extend your tan for weeks.

  • Use the skin and body lotion Institut Esthederm After Sun Tan Prolonging Body Lotion to keep that golden skin tone longer, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It is also great as a regenerating night cream.
  • The anti-wrinkle soothing after-sun lotion Eisenberg Sublime Tan Soin Apres-Soleil Anti-Âge Corps contains rosehip oil, edelweiss, hyaluronic acid and bisabolol. It fully restores your skin and keeps it perfectly tanned and youthful thanks to this unique mix of active ingredients.
  • The soothing body lotion Collistar After Sun gives your skin intense hydration even after spending the whole day in the sun. Your skin ends up soothed and fresh and it significantly prolongs your tan.

Step 3: Enrich your summer diet with foods rich in beta carotene: sweet potatoes, red peppers, mangoes, apricots and carrots.

Step 4: You can also support your tan by applying your favourite bronzer. Apply it to your forehead, temples, nose and cheeks.

Step 5: Wear white or light-coloured clothing to visually emphasise your tan.

Step 6: Is your tan starting to fade? Include a skin and body scrub in your skin care routine. This way you’ll prevent the uneven release of pigment, and at the same time prepare it for the subsequent application of self-tanning lotion if you wish.

How do you take care of your skin after sunbathing? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments!

Author: Notino

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