How to Care for Colour-Treated Hair?

April 24, 2019Notino
Everyone knows the feeling of leaving the salon with a brand new colour. The joy of a new look! The problem is that after a few washes, the perfect colour you’ve selected fades and your joy might fade with it. Want to know how to stop this from happening, keep your colour shiny and your hair healthy and beautiful after regular colouring? It’s all about finding the right hair care products!


The Solution Called BC Bonacure

The special BC Bonacure line by Schwarzkopf Professional was created for the needs of colour-treated hair. It contains the pH 4.5 Balancer innovative technology which locks the colour pigments inside the hair shaft and keeps the colour bright. It also includes a UV filter which protects the keratin structure, helps the colour last longer and keeps the hair glossy, nourished and protected from the sun. The Cell Perfector Technology promotes elasticity, strength and tight texture by locking the surface of the hair. In short, you can always rely on these carefully designed products.

Start with the Shampoo

There are many to choose from! You can for instance choose one of the BC pH 4.5 COLOR FREEZE micellar shampoos that won’t weigh your hair down and include products for blonde, red, and brown hair. If you’ve opted for a cool blonde or silver shade, you’ll like a product that will prevent yellow undertones from coming through. Silver micellar shampoo will be your best friend and stop any yellow from popping up. People with blonde hair will love the Gold Shimmer shampoo designed for lightened, bleached, or highlighted hair. It accentuates warm blonde shades, nourishes your hair and gives you more than a normal shampoo for blonde hair would. The Vibrant Red shampoo will be perfect for red shades which tend to fade the fastest, because it emphasises and protects the brightness of red hair dye. And what about brunettes? Along with people with other hair colours, they will benefit from the universal micellar shampoo without sulphates or parabens. The shampoo revives dull colour, keeps hair glossy and nourished and is sulphate-free just like the name suggests. For best results, try alternating it with a cleansing conditioner which works similar to a shampoo, keeping your hair moisturised and clean. Leave the micellar shampoo on for 1 to 5 minutes (with only 2 minutes for the conditioner) and rinse off. Always apply them in two steps – removing dirt in the first one and letting the active ingredients work in the second one.

The Big Finish: Conditioning and Treatment

Taking care of colour-treated hair should not end with a shampoo. The next step is always conditioning, which can come in two different forms. The classic cream conditioner is great for hair that are already very stressed, making it especially perfect for blonde hair. It instantly prevents tangling, makes brushing easier and protect hair from getting frizzy. Those who need quick results without too much hassle will simply love a leave-in spray conditioner. Both of these products are of course specially designed for colour-treated hair. At least once a week, you can also treat yourself to something special with a nice mask for colour-treated hair. Leave it on for a minimum of 10 minutes and you won’t believe how wonderfully soft and glossy your hair will look.

Have you tried the special treatment for coloured hair by Schwarzkopf Professional? Give it a go, your hair will be definitely grateful.

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