How to Keep Your Feet Looking Great? Try At-Home Pedicure!

May 21, 2021Notino
It’s finally time to put away your boots and woollen socks, and take your best summer sandals out of the closet. And remember – open shoes always call for perfectly groomed feet.

 Which means? Time for a pedicure! With the right foot care products you can manage the whole procedure at home and your feet will still look as if you’ve just stepped out of a beauty parlour. Ready? Let’s do this!

Pedicure Is About More Than just Aesthetics

Why should you get a “pedi” on a regular basis? Foot care should never be considered a luxury or a waste of time. It is very important for your health. If you neglect taking care of your feet, you’re risking ingrown nails, corns or even painful cracks in your hardened skin.

A pedicure should be performed approximately once every 5 weeks. You can do it even more often during the summer – it’s up to you. The essential thing is to remember and give your feet what they need. After all – they carry you around all day long!

At-Home Pedicure In 6 Easy Steps

Prep Your Feet

Start by removing any residue of nail varnish from your toenails. Then soak your feet in hot water and leave them in for at least 10 minutes. This will soften your skin as well as your nails, making them easier to groom. You can add some vinegar to the water to prevent fungus (1 or 2 tablespoons per litre) or a natural oil that will soften your skin even more. You can also use a foot scrub to gently start the process of exfoliation.

Shape Your Nails

After you soak and dry your feet, trim your toenails. Remember to always cut them straight in order to avoid ingrown nails. File your trimmed toenails in a straight line and clean off any residue if necessary.

Remove Old Skin

There are multiple ways to remove hardened skin, and it’s up to you which one you choose. What pedicure tools can you use? A classic pumice stone is amazing for home use – but you’ll need a bit of patience, because the process might take longer. It takes a little time to achieve perfectly smooth skin.

A foot file is a bit better, but it usually has a rougher surface, so we recommend either finishing the job with a gentle pumice stone or a scrub. In case you’re dealing with very hard skin, try an electric foot file that brings relief to the most seriously affected areas in a matter of minutes.

Focus on all the areas with coarse skin and remember: While you can buy a razor or a scalpel designed for a quick removal of hard skin, we recommend going for a foot file or a pumice stone. Finally, you can once again use your foot scrub and perform a relaxing foot massage.

Try Exfoliating Socks

Want to make the whole task of removing hard skin a little easier? Then you’ll absolutely love using exfoliating socks. These socks contain ingredients which promote natural skin regeneration and cause your skin to peel off gradually in a natural way.

The Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot exfoliating mask will help you remove dead skin with the power of AHA acids. Simply apply it to your feet, leave it on for about 90 minutes, and the dead skin will gradually come off in the following days. The product also contains shea butter and tea tree oil which soften your skin.

The L’biotica Masks is another product that uses acids to exfoliate your skin. Plus it comes with chamomile extract to soothe the new skin and papaya and lemon extracts for regeneration and nourishment. Moisturise!

After you’ve removed excess skin from your feet, use the CeraVe SA nourishing and moisturising foot cream. It softens even very dry feet thanks to salicylic acid and provides a substantial dose of moisture thanks to hyaluronic acid. Not to mention the product is hypoallergenic – so you can use it on any skin type.

Our tip: If you want even softer skin and better nail care, try using a nourishing foot mask every once in a while. Korika SciBeauty regenerates and softens your skin with shea butter – so much so that your feet might actually become softer than your face.

And the Final Step?

Well of course, the crowning glory of any good pedicure – a beautiful nail varnish! Whichever product is your favourite, we recommend pairing it with the NOBEA Nail care kit.

Start by applying a layer of the NOBEA Nail Care nourishing nail varnish and let it dry. While you’re waiting, you can pick the colour you’re in the mood for! This year we especially love the Barry M Green Origin in Cranberry and Salt Lake, or the shiny Princesses Rule from the OPI Infinite Shine line. Let your colour nail varnish dry and then apply NOBEA Day-to-Day top coat.

And you’re done! At-home pedicure will get your feet perfectly ready for some adventure after a long winter!

Author: Notino

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