Intoxicating Autumn Candles and Home Fragrance: Create the Perfect Atmosphere!

October 12, 2020Notino
Do you love enjoying the comfort of your home while the falling leaves are turning gold? If you really want to savour these moments, here is our selection of the best autumn home fragrances.

You’ll simply fall in love with these 5 unique designer candles – all you need to do is light your favourite one and see how quickly you forget about the cold weather.

By the Fireplace

Can’t resist sweet plums and cognac? Then Woodwick Black Plum is the right autumn candle for you. Plus, if you adore the sound of crackling firewood, this candle can simulate it pretty well thanks to its special wooden wick. The candle burns for 30 to 40 hours.

The Scent of Autumn

Remember those lovely autumn afternoons spent with your granny? If you love the inimitable aroma of freshly baked cakes, you really need to try the DW Home White Pumpkin + Vanilla candle with its gorgeous scent of baked pumpkin, cream and marshmallows. Its minimalist design will fit any hygge home decor.

Woods and Smoke

It’s immediately clear why the KOBO Woodblock Bourbon 1792 vegan candle was named after the famous liquor. The shape and colour of its container hint at the fact that this combination of oak, smoke, sandalwood and violet will be best enjoyed with a glass of quality drink. But it’s not just the name – the scent of the KOBO candle actually resembles the original Bourbon 1792. Experts describe it as a delicately buttery aroma with smokey, floral, spicy and oaky notes.

Sweet Finale

The sweetest of our selection of autumn candles is without a doubt the Milkhouse Candle Co. Creamery Brown Butter Pumpkin which lasts up to 60 hours. This candle will enchant you with its composition that includes brown sugar, vanilla cream, butter, cinnamon and nutmeg. Who could possibly resist such a sweet, guilt-free delicacy?

Catalytic Lamp for Autumnal Magic

Maybe you’re not really into candles but you would still like to fill your home with a nice fragrance. Have you tried a catalytic lamp yet? They use the principle of catalytic reaction without any flame – like for instance the Ashleigh & Burwood London Dragon's Eye. This product refreshes and clears the air in your room, and it will become a gorgeous and stylish home accessory.

A Fragrance for Your Home

Our TIP: Would you like to also enjoy a captivating autumnal aroma in your car or your wardrobe? Treat yourself to a stunning mix of bergamot, eucalyptus and cedar with the Notino Home Scented Cards Eucalyptus & Rain.

So which autumn candle or fragrance will be your go-to favourite? Or do you have some other tricks to make your home feel cosy at this time of year?

Author: Notino

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