Learn about the best home teeth-whitening methods

February 24, 2017Notino
When exactly did humanity decide that white teeth are a sign of health and beauty? Well, for one thing, it’s definitely not the case in all cultures.

 Traditions vary – in some nations, people actually blacken their teeth, and many others don’t see the colour of teeth as important. But in our society, it has become something of an imperative to keep one’s teeth sparkling white. The main thing, as always, is to do what’s good and healthy for your body, even when it comes to something as common as teeth whitening.

Best teeth-whitening procedure? It depends

Before you try a specific method, ask yourself what exactly it is you need to achieve. If your teeth are simply stained from smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee or black tea, and generally from food and drink, you should see prominent results with a variety of whitening methods. You simply have to be careful not to damage your tooth enamel or cause irritation to your gums.

Naturally yellow teeth, on the other hand, will be a little more difficult to whiten. You can’t really fight the pigment you were born with by using abrasives. This is not to say you shouldn’t brush your teeth – it’s obviously an important way of keeping them clean, not to mention that they will always look nicer without any additional stains. But lightening their natural shade requires a careful and thorough approach, often by a professional dental hygienist.

Day by day: Whitening toothpaste

What it is that you can do at home, then? There’s a wide range of options. Whitening toothpaste will probably be the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind, and there’s no shortage of those on the market. Let’s look at them a little closely.

We love the effects of the Swissdent Crystal Repair and Whitening toothcream which helpfully comes in two different sizes, so that you’re able to take it with you when you travel. Those who prefer organic dental care might like to try getting whiter teeth by using the Korres Anisum and Eucalyptus whitening toothpaste, an especially well-balanced natural product. Whitening for sensitive teeth should be a breeze with the popular Mediblanc Sensi-Relief toothpaste. And finally, in case you’re after something more affordable, we wholeheartedly recommend the Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile whitening toothpaste in a handy bottle that you can keep stored upside down.

All of these products are generally great for safe teeth whitening on a daily basis. This means that even with the best whitening toothpaste, you’re not likely to see amazing results after a week, but your teeth will get whiter over time and won’t stain again as badly or as quickly as before. Just take care not to try and speed up the process by applying too much pressure and brushing your teeth too vigorously. It won’t make them any whiter, but it could make them more prone to cavities and gum recession.

Get there faster: Teeth-whitening pens and whitening kits

Do you think your teeth can handle something that acts a little faster? Trick question – you should of course always consult with your dentist first and have all potential problems fixed before you try a teeth-whitening kit for home use. Once you get the all-clear, it’s only a matter of picking the right one.

A home teeth-whitening kit usually focuses on teeth bleaching rather than simple abrasion that you get with toothpastes. A good example would be the White Look Teeth Whitening System which includes an intensive toothpaste and a special whitening gel. Follow the instructions precisely and check your results against the chart that’s also a part of the kit.

Looking for an even more practical solution that’s also great for travelling? Try the Swissdent Extreme Two-phase whitening pen set. A great teeth whitening pen will be your companion wherever you go and there’s no need for complicated prep or special molds. Now you can actually get all-in-one whitening kits, like for example the Colgate Max White Expert White set which combines a special toothbrush with a whitening pen. Watch our instructional video and find out how to use this simple and travel-friendly system.

Keep them bright with whitening mouthwash

When your teeth already are sparkling white, it’s only a question of the best and most careful upkeep to make them stay that way. You don’t have to fear whitening mouthwashes. The ones we recommend don’t contain harsh chemicals and they will ensure that the whiteness of your teeth is only matched by the freshness of your breath. We simply adore the G.U.M Original White mouthwash - it’s gentle, has a pleasant taste and most importantly, it works. Traditionalists might prefer the Listerine Advanced White mouthwash, but keep in mind that Listerine products are generally better for teeth that are not particularly sensitive.

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