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Movember: Still Don't Have a Sexy Moustache? Here’s How to Grow One


Jana Uhlir

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The Spanish say that a kiss without a moustache is like eggs without salt. Luckily, in November we get to enjoy moustaches (and maybe kisses) to the max. A moustache is the sign of a gentleman and a symbol of maturity. It gives men sex appeal and this month it even helps a good cause – raising awareness of men’s health issues, the reason behind Movember. How to grow a moustache and keep it looking beautiful throughout November.

A moustache is not just the sign of a gentleman, but also evokes seriousness and wisdom, it’s the hipster’s favourite accessory and can even be a sign of sensuality – in the UK, secret research has revealed that up to 68% of women think that  men with moustaches are better in bed. They have been sported by Charlie Chaplin, Salvador Dali and Tom Selleck. Did you know that the very first moustache appeared in the oldest preserved portrait of a man from 300 BC? 

TIP: You too can get involved! Have a complete shave at the start of November and grow a proper moustache to the length when you can start to style it. Comb your moustache daily and style it with wax. Head to a professional barber at least once in November to get it trimmed.

Beard and hair combs for optimal detangling

Comb your moustache daily

A moustache is currently the second most popular type of facial hair after a beard and there are many ways to style it. How to care for your moustache. Generally, beards need: to be washed (to remove dust and dirt), trimmed, nourished, brushed and shaped. A moustache is a little more work (it’s no wonder that apparently the average man with a moustache touches it up to 760 times per day!), but it’s worth it. “Definitely let your moustache grow to a certain length so you can style it,” recommends Vítek from Tony Adam’s Barbershop.

TIP: Why should you celebrate Movember? By growing a moustache during November, men all over the world are raising awareness and educating about men’s health issues that are often overlooked. Most notably testicular and prostate cancer, mental health issues and suicide. Rather inconspicuously at first, this charitable initiative started to gather traction around the world back in 2003 – as with many great ideas, it originated in a bar. Two friends in Australia, Travis and Luke, decided to bring the moustache back into fashion and found 30 other men who were willing to take part. Today it’s millions. 

“To maintain your beard, it’s good to use a special soap and shampoo with vitamins and minerals three times a week,” explains our barber. Shampoos wash out impurities gently whilst softening and nourishing your beard. How do you do it? Apply a beard shampoo to a damp beard, lather up and rub. Leave for a while before rinsing with water.

The best beard and moustache shampoo

Dry your beard and then use other beard care products, such as an oil, balm or beard wax. “It’s best to comb your beard and moustache every day and use a daily product for your moustache and especially for your beard. For your moustache you can use a wax and for your beard you can use oils which you massage into the skin under your beard to allow it to breathe,” adds our barber. Beard oils thus ensure that your beard remains nourished, shiny, fragrant, soft and hydrated, with no need to worry about breakages. Simply spread a small amount of the oil in your palms and massage it gently into your hair and skin before combing through with a beard comb or brush.

Gentle oils to soften and nourish

Style your moustache using a balm or moustache wax; ones with beeswax, coconut or argan oil work particularly well. Beard and moustache waxes shape and smooth (choose according to your desired hold), whilst balms hydrate and nourish. They also make your facial hair smell great. Simply apply a small amount of the product to washed and dried beard hair and style away.

Balms and waxes to nourish and smooth

Looking after your beard at home is fundamental, but also feel free to visit your barber, who’ll style your beard or moustache professionally. How often should I go? “It always depends on the customer, but around every three weeks,” explains our barber. The length and shape of your beard is up to you; home grooming is made a lot easier by a quality beard trimmer and (or) shaver.

Trim to perfection

Choose a shaver according to what you want to shave (i.e. your moustache) and the number of blades – the more blades, the more thorough the shave. Take into account the durability of the shaver, the thickness and length of your beard and which additional features or gadgets the shaver should have.

A shaver to tame your beard

TIP: A beard styling set makes a perfect Christmas gift. Choose from our wide range of beard products by well-known brands such as DANDYZewThe Bluebeards RevengeCaptain Fawcett and many more.

Do you feel like showing off your beautiful moustache to the world? We can’t wait for the streets to be flooded with sexy men! And we’ll be taking part too. Since we’re women, we won’t be growing a moustache (although...), but by donating, raising awareness or painting a moustache onto our faces.