Nail Trends for 2021: Summer inspiration for a dazzling manicure

July 1, 2021Notino

Summer is finally here! Join us in celebrating the hot summer days in a creative way and get inspired to rock some gorgeous nails in 2021. The hottest trends include a gel effect with high shine, bold colour combinations and a perfectly natural manicure. So, which style will you go for?

1. Pink Nail Inspiration Trendy nails don’t necessarily have to be in-your-face – after all, less is often more. Natural, subtle shades such as Lady Like by Essie Nails will allow you to play around with bright colours in your outfit. This is because powdery, apricot, pink, earthy and sand shades won’t clash with even the most extravagant piece in your wardrobe.

Achieve a trendy pink gel look with the shade Timid Pink by NOBEA Day-to-Day or with the Princesses Rule by OPI Infinite Shine – two nail varnishes with coated pigments that give you intense coverage and amazing shine. Gel nail varnishes are fantastic because they offer a flawless finish similar to a professional manicure – whether you use a UV lamp or not. A perfect choice for summer!

2. Don’t Forget about Delicate Pastels While pastel colours are usually typical for spring, 2021 summer trends decided to change the game. So get into the new hot shades such as mint green, candy pink and mulberry! However, our No. 1 Mediterranean shade is the Soft Lilac NOBEA Day-to-Day nail varnish with gel effect! Wanna try it?

3. Amazing Tip for Underwater-Style Nails Red is a colour that always draws attention. In 2021, it’s mainly represented by the shade of coral – like, for instance, the Rimmel 60 Seconds By Rita Ora in the shade Gaston Berry. While this striking colour might seem a little intimidating, it will be all the rage this summer, from juicy drinks at your cocktail parties to outfits and lip makeup. So make sure to sport some coral on your nails!

4. 2021 Colour-Blocking Manicure Summer always calls for a bit of extravagance. This year, our go-to style will definitely be colour-blocking in beautiful bright shades. Just like with colour-blocking in makeup and clothing, the secret lies in combining several distinct colours. Some of the most effective combos are red and yellow, blue and green, or burgundy in contrast with yellow. We’ve picked the sensational gel varnish duo of the Semilac Paris UV Hybrid in the shades Burgundy Wine and the dazzling Racing Car. Let’s not forget that bright yellow is the colour of the year according to Pantone Color Institute!

Get Ready for Summer!

After the cold winter and spring, your nails might be quite brittle and weak which makes even the most beautiful manicure look dull. So give your nails some boost of strength with the Diamond Strengthener NOBEA Nail Care! Its formula contains diamond powder and other ingredients which will give your nails exceptional strength, resistance to splitting and brilliant shine.

Another amazing nourishing product is the Vitamin Glow NOBEA Nail Care nail varnish that can also be used as a base coat. Put on one layer if you’re using it as a base coat, and two layers to achieve a perfect natural look without extra colour on top.

And Our Final Tip?

Make your nail colour last longer with the NOBEA Day-to-Day protecting top coat. This universal top coat will make your nails extra shiny, provide a trendy gel-like effect and help your nail varnish last as long as possible.

Do you have your own favourite tip for a summer manicure? Share it with us!

Author: Notino

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