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Niche perfumes: Which are the best?

April 22, 2022Notino
What do you think of niche perfumes? And do you know enough about them to even have an opinion? For me, niche perfumes are something I had to grow into. I had to get some practice with them, so that I would be able to appreciate them now. Now I have my own favourites, and they are the ones I’d like to share with you! Why have I chosen these and what makes them so special? I’d be happy to tell you.

What makes niche fragrances different from the rest?


Niche perfumes represent exceptionality, pretty much literally. A loose translation of the word niche is something aimed at a small section of the population. And I believe that’s exactly what I can expect from any perfume I choose. 

Only the very best natural ingredients are used in the production of niche perfumes – they are also often not so readily available, so they’re not so commonly found in mainstream fragrances. They are often created within a family business with a long tradition ain perfumery. The craft is passed down from generation to generation, to the point where we actually know exactly whose “nose” created the perfume.

And what’s the cherry on top? The vast majority of perfumes that fall into the niche category are unisex! They just don’t differentiate between men’s and women’s fragrances, meaning I have even more to choose from. 


My favourite niche perfumes


Now comes the best part. I know that choosing a niche perfume is a long process and what I like might not be to your taste. But I still think these perfumes are definitely worth a look.

It is important to be aware that niche fragrances are not “just” fragrances. Many of them have a unique story behind the perfume or a specific emotion that they are meant to evoke. This means it isn’t just about being another fashion or beauty accessory, it’s about the attitude you take by choosing a particular fragrance!


Great novels 

If you like literature or just interesting, dramatic... or actually any stories, you’re definitely going to find something you like from the NOVELLISTA fragrances. Every perfume by this brand is inspired by a literary work, which are of varying degrees of fame. The scent should evoke similar emotions to those you’d feel if you were reading or perhaps experiencing a particular story. 

The NOVELLISTA Rouge Privé perfume was inspired by the dark novel Roxana by Daniel Defoe. Just like the novel, one of its main themes is seduction, and yes, this scent will seduce you in an instant – with Damask rose, peony and benzoin, a type of resin. While it’s meant to be unisex, given its story, I’d recommend it more for women. 

The fragrance NOVELLISTA Vanilla Club was inspired by the novel Las Impuras by the Cuban author Miguel del Carrión. The story takes you to the multifarious streets of Havana, and that’s exactly what this perfume is capable of! The combination of tobacco, vanilla, clove and cocoa will make you enjoy your time in the heart of the Cuban capital. 


Ordinary extraordinary days 

What does every niche perfume lover need to discover? The REPLICA range by Maison Margiela, to remind you of the diverse moments of your days. That way you can choose what time of day or night you feel best. 

Maison Margiela REPLICA When the Rain Stops transports me to the exact moment when the rain stops and the sun starts to shine in the sky once more. I love days like this, especially in the summer! And whilst I love the smell of tarmac and grass after the rain, I now prefer a combination of pink pepper, jasmine and pine. 

If you like the atmosphere of bars – the kind where you enjoy good music and cocktails with a cherry in a crystal glass – you won’t have to go far. Just give the Maison Margiela REPLICA Jazz Club perfume a chance. With its mix of Sicilian lemon, rum and tobacco, you’ll get into the coolest party in town whenever you want. 

For all passionate travellers 

Do you love escaping from the reality of everyday life, travelling and enjoying the atmosphere of other places? I literally live for it. That’s why with this selection, I can’t miss out on perfumes that let me visit my favourite places, at least in my mind. 

Whilst the Atelier Cologne Clémentine California perfume might take you to the sunny west coast of the USA, don’t let it end there. Imagine any country where you feel comfortable and free! This originally French fragrance is pleasantly citrusy and refreshing on a hot summer day. 

The Atelier Cologne brand is based on a combination of highly concentrated essential oils – what I love about it is that the brand is run by two young creators, but based on perfumes created in the 18th century. But don’t expect something old-fashioned! Refresh your memories of the best moments of your life with these modern fragrances.


A molecular fragrance   

For a lazy holiday by the sea, get the fragrance Escentric Molecules Escentric 05. Its aroma is warm and woody and makes you think of pleasant summer days, wherever they are. Fig, basil, jasmine, orange and juniper take care of that. 

But the main attraction with Escentric Molecules fragrances is their unique formula, which is based on a single aroma molecule, Iso E Super. Each of these perfumes really does have a truly specific fragrance, so pay attention if you like a touch of extravagance! 

TIP: Another great advantage of these molecular perfumes is that you can layer them – in other words, you can combine two perfumes. The molecules blend on the skin and create a completely new scent. 

How about a niche household? 

I was surprised too, but niche doesn’t necessarily mean just perfumes. When exploring all the possible fragrances I came across the brand Souletto and discovered their reed diffuser, the Souletto Primera Reed. It mixes coconut, honey and vanilla, and makes the whole room smell beautiful, with a hint of sweetness. Just insert the wooden sticks into the diffuser, and the fragrance gradually gets released. 

Can you imagine a combination of green apple, basil and lavender? If you’re as curious about it as I am, you’ve got to try the Souletto Reminiscense Scented Candle. It floods every home with a distinctive, fresh scent to create a completely unique atmosphere! 

So, have I convinced you to try your first niche perfume? Or add another one to the collection? From 25 April till 1 May we have a 15% discount on all niche fragrances, so if not now, then when? Just enter the code NICHE in your shopping basket. 

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