Review: Premium Anti-Aging Skin Care by Orlane

April 12, 2016Notino
Spring is finally here and I would like to introduce you to my new cosmetic discovery: Orlane, the Parisian brand of premium skin care, truly the “haute couture” in the world of beauty.

Review: Premium Anti-Aging Skin Care by Orlane


The company was founded in 1947, striving to combine the latest scientific research with the quest for timeless beauty, just like many others. However, unlike many others, Orlane has definitely been succeeding.


The First Anti-Aging Cream


True to its image of a ground-breaking beauty brand, Orlane introduced the first ever anti-aging moisturiser for mature skin in 1968. Its name, Creme 21, later became a legend, and at 190 francs it was the most expensive skin cream in the world.


The bio-energetic B21 complex is now part of all Orlane anti-aging products and it’s being constantly improved upon. The complex is entirely plant-based, providing skin cells with everything they need to remain youthful, and generally energising the skin to promote its natural functions. Orlane actually calls this process a “skin re-education”, and its main goal is to make use of the self-correcting potential of skin cells.


In 2014, Orlane came out with B21 Extraordinaire, the very first product containing a special formula that is able to “reset” skin cells, addressing all the factors that contribute to skin aging, and helping your skin to stay younger.


I had the pleasure to be able to test two products from the Absolute Skin Recovery Program line, which has been designed for skin with signs of fatigue. Tired, dull skin is indeed one of the most common cosmetic problems we face today, and unfortunately also one of the least addressed ones.

You probably know it yourselves - you’re not getting enough sleep, there’s no time to relax or take proper care of your skin. Add some stress and bad lifestyle choices on top of that and what you get is a skin that looks old past its actual years, losing vitamins and other nutrients and looking grey, dull and saggy, often with blemishes or large pores. What the Absolute Skin Recovery Program promises is to reverse this process and give your skin a new dose of energy.


Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Program cream


The packaging of this product feels as exclusive as you would expect, but what really surprised me was its consistency. The cream is thick and rich at first glance, however when you apply it to your skin it miraculously turns light and airy, absorbing in a matter of seconds. You can almost feel it nourishing your skin. Even though with other brands it’s normally just lip service, this particular moisturiser really does give you visible results after the first application–or two minutes after, to be more precise. The skin was brighter, even, with a rosy glow, and most importantly, incredibly soft to the touch. There really isn’t any other product to compare it to.


The effect persisted to the next day when I re-applied the cream to find out if it can be used under foundation. I’m pleased to say it can, and with great success. You only need a small amount, and even if you put on your foundation right after, it will cling to the base of the moisturiser perfectly, look natural and last for ages.


After about a week of regular use I can see even more prominent results. My skin is bright throughout the day eve without makeup, it’s soft, my pores have diminished and the circles under my eyes are far less obvious. The moisturiser really is a lifesaver for tired skin, and nothing short of a small cosmetic miracle.


Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Program serum


Since my skin isn’t horrifically tired, I can normally get away with just using moisturiser and nothing else, which is why I’d kept the serum for special occasions when I wanted to look fresh and well-rested.


The Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Program serum truly makes your skin brighter in an instant. Your skin’s surface is smoother, tighter and more even, fine lines and pores become less visible. Although if you still want to put on some foundation (not that you have to), you will need to use a primer.

The two products can obviously be used separately, but their combination will probably bring about the best results. To maximise the effect, you can throw the Orlane Absolute Skin Recovery Program mask into the mix, and then be properly amazed by just how much of a difference a few potions in pots can make to your skin.

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