Scalp Scrub: Let Your Scalp Finally Breathe

August 19, 2020Notino
You’re probably already using face and body exfoliators – but aren’t you forgetting something? Your scalp deserves the same care.

 Only a perfectly clean scalp with good blood circulation can become the basis for a thick and glossy mane. Find out why more and more people swear by scalp scrub, what are its benefits and which aftercare you should use for the most gorgeous hair.

Benefits of Scrub for Your Scalp

  • Removes dead skin cells. It gradually eliminates dandruff so that nourishing products can easily penetrate your skin.
  • Vastly improves blood circulation in your scalp. This strengthens your hair roots, making your hair thicker and preventing hair loss.
  • Removes all impurities and product build-up from your scalp. Your skin can breathe easier, it’s less oily and your hair grows faster.

Perfect Scrub for Sensitive and Dry Scalp

Kérastase Fusio Apaisant cleansing scrub contains orange peel, jojoba oil, tiger grass extract and vitamin E5. It has a gel texture which soothes irritated skin and prepares it for the application of hair treatments. Despite being gentle, this product effectively removes all impurities, from dandruff to product build-up.

Scalp Scrub Designed for Oily Skin

If you’re dealing with an oily scalp, you’ll appreciate the Kérastase Fusio Énergisant that fights dandruff and oiliness. Its formula contains a detoxifying and cleansing sea salt from France, vitamin B6 and salicylic acid.

How to Clean Your Scalp?

step 1: Use your shampoo the way you normally do and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

step 2: Apply the scalp exfoliator. Make sure it gets directly onto your scalp.

step 3: Massage your scalp for a few minutes using circular motions. Use only your fingertips – if you have long nails, make sure not to scratch your skin.

step 4: Rinse the scrub with lukewarm water and apply your treatment. Its effects will be enhanced thanks to the scrub.

Our TIP: Exfoliation makes your scalp a little sensitive. This is why you should use a spray or other hair product with an SPF before sun exposure.

Suitable Aftercare Products for Your Scalp

Our TIP: Vegans and fans of natural cosmetics will absolutely love the Weleda Rosemary tonic which combines rosemary with stonecrop extract and horseradish for perfectly nourished, hydrated and thick hair.

How Often Should You Use a Scalp Scrub?

  • Normal hair: once a week
  • Oily scalp: once, twice a week at the most
  • Fine hair and sensitive scalp: once a month

However, it’s better to skip the scalp exfoliation entirely if you’re suffering from acne, eczema or small scrapes and wounds. In that case, don’t put more stress on your skin and wait until it completely heals – just like with any other exfoliator.

Have you tried a scalp scrub already? Tell us how you liked it!

Author: Notino

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