Unique Star Wars gifts and cosmetics not just for fans of the franchise

July 3, 2018Notino
In the last year alone, two Star Wars blockbusters have seen the light of day. First, ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ became the latest episode in the main saga in December, and now it’s ‘Solo: The Star Wars Story’ adding to the number of spin-off movies and bringing something new even for those hard-core fans who thought they knew everything about Star Wars.

Do you know someone like that? Get them some fantastic Star Wars-themed gifts from Notino!

No matter where you stand on the whole Star Wars mania, it’s a phenomenon beloved by all generations and it has been crushing both movie records and box office numbers since 1977. People around the world love it, whether they’re in it for the action sequences, the romance, or the astounding visuals. We bet you’re already thinking about buying some Star Wars products for yourself or your loved ones... So what do we have for you?

For our little Jedis

Star Wars products will be amazing as a reward for doing well at school, as birthday gifts, or simply something special to help liven up the daily routine. The Star Wars Eau de Toilette, for instance, is the perfect present for every little gentleman. All kids will love a Star Wars gift set with 2 bottles of Star Wars shower gel and a figurine, or a special kit consisting of a Star Wars shampoo and bubble bath. All these goodies are produced by the brand Ep Line as part of their special Ep Line Star Wars collection. And who knows – Star Wars cosmetics might prove to be the trick that will finally make your kids take their bath without protesting.

Star Wars fun for teeth and hair

Star Wars can also help with tooth brushing – even if your kids react to a toothbrush as if it’s the Death Star. Once they hear the cheerful buzzing of the Oral B Stages Power Star Wars electric toothbrush for kids, they will change their mind, especially if you opt for the set with a snazzy pencil case. And while you’re at it, how about something Star Wars-y for their hair? The Tangle Teezer Star Wars Compact Styler will brush through wet and dry hair without tugging.

Something for the grown-ups

But what if the biggest Star Wars fan in the house is your partner? Don’t worry, we have something for him as well! Let’s start with the Philips Star Wars electric shaver – in fact a whole line of special-edition shavers, including one that looks like the fan-favourite droid R2D2, the slightly newer BB8 or even one reminiscent of the lovable rogue Han Solo from the last SW movie. Thanks to 72 self-sharpening blades, all of these can handle even a 3-day stubble!

Big girls love Star Wars too!

Of course, we have Star Wars must-haves for you too! Guess what it is: It smells and tastes like chocolate, it’s velvety smooth, and you’ll be wanting to take it with you everywhere you go... It’s the Lip Smacker Darth Vader Star Wars lip balm! Don’t feel like joining the Dark Side? It’s all right, we also have the Star Wars Yoda™ LIP SMACKER which can become your new mint-flavoured hero. So what do you say? Can you feel the Force yet?

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