STOP sweating: deodorants and antiperspirants!

April 24, 2018Notino
On public transport and in lifts, one can tell summer has started well before temperatures reach their peak. The smell is impossible to ignore. Can it be avoided?


Sweating is the body’s natural response to heat and a mechanism that helps it cool down. Yet there are things you can do to minimise it:

■ reduce your consumption of spicy foods (peppers, chilli, raw onions, garlic, and even ginger all cause problems)

■ avoid the brassica vegetables (they contain sulphur compounds that intensify the smell of perspiration)

■ say no to alcoholic beverages and caffeine (they dehydrate and thus stimulate sweating)

■ pay attention to the temperature of the foods you eat (both hot and cold food will make you sweat – it’s how your body regulates its temperature)

■ drink more fluids and eat fruit and vegetables with a higher water content

■ try salvia and lemon balm (which reduce sweating) and foods containing chlorophyll (chlorella, green barley)

All these tips can help reduce sweating. But how about avoiding it completely? You can either choose the radical solution of botox injections, which can stop sweating, or look for a better antiperspirant. Or maybe a deodorant? But wait, which is which? Do you know?

The difference between deodorants and antiperspirants


…are designed to reduce sweating. You may pick from many options. Gel-based antiperspirants are easy to apply, roll-ons are the most popular (for years, the market leader has been Vichy for excessive perspiration).

But you can also find cream or solid antiperspirants, mineral-based products, or spray-on antiperspirants (for your partner, choose Biotherm Homme).

Sensitive skin will appreciate products without alcohol (We love Helena Rubinstein) and if you want to be environmentally friendly, make sure your antiperspirant does not contain aluminium salts and parabens (one example of a green product is Pure by Biotherm).

And if your sweat level is particularly bothersome (on average, we sweat 0.5 l a day!!!), try Perspirex. It can protect you for an incredible 3 to 5 days!

P.S.: You should also be careful about what you wear. Avoid artificial fibres that don’t let your skin breathe. Airy linen and cotton are very comfortable but really show sweat stains (so basically your only options are black or white where they’re least conspicuous). But the best material for clothing is bamboo. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go!

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