DAILY ROUTINE: The best way to remove makeup

January 4, 2018Notino
Do you dream of perfect skin? Trust us; if you don’t remove your makeup properly it isn’t going to work! Only perfectly makeup-free skin can regenerate properly and absorb the nutrients from face creams.

So we’re here to show you the best way to remove makeup. Include it in your daily routine and your skin will thank you for it! A lot of women underestimate what a good-quality makeup remover can do. And that's a big mistake.

If you don’t cleanse your skin thoroughly, not only will you get unsightly pimples, you will get wrinkles sooner and your skin will feel tired and flat. Learn to remove your makeup properly – it’s not rocket science!

Makeup removal step by step

Step 1 – Choose the best remover for your skin

type Before standing in front of the mirror with your makeup remover pad in hand, make sure you choose the right products for perfect makeup removal. Choose what suits your skin type. You will need at least three products: eye makeup remover, makeup cleanser, oil based cleanser or gel to remove the main impurities, and finally a cleansing lotion or micellar water for deep cleansing.

Step 2 – Moisten your face

Step 3 –Start by removing the makeup from your eyes

Start by removing the makeup from your eyes, using a special eye makeup remover. For extra-sensitive eyes, Vichy Pureté Thermale makeup remover is a perfect example of the best makeup remover for sensitive skin, with soothing blueberry extract. Soak a cotton wool pad in makeup remover, apply to your eyelid and let it act for a moment to let the makeup remover dissolve the makeup. Then gently wipe off your mascara and other makeup from the roots of your eyelashes to the tips and off your face.

If you are wearing waterproof mascara, you’ll be sure to need waterproof makeup remover. We recommend Collistar Make-up Removers and Cleansers to remove your makeup perfectly and also deeply hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes and prevent irritation. Do not put too much pressure on the pad, as it could cause unnecessary wrinkles. This applies for makeup removal from the rest of your face as well.

Step 4 – Remove the main impurities from your skin

Once your eyes are cleansed, it’s time to do your face. If your skin is dry, use a makeup remover lotion, oil-based cleanser or makeup remover balm that becomes an oily cream when applied. For dry yet sensitive skin, the makeup remover cleanser by Mixa is the one we recommend. You can also try coconut or almond oil, which dissolves all the impurities perfectly. Oily skin will benefit more from a makeup removal gel.

For problematic skin try Eucerin DermoPure with antibacterial effects.

Apply makeup remover to a clean cotton pad and start from the middle of your face outwards. You can also apply it with your fingertips, leave it to work for a moment and then remove it with a cotton wool pad. Do not forget to clean any makeup off your neck.

Step 5 – Complete the cleansing routine

Cleansing lotion or micellar water are ideal for cleansing the skin perfectly at the end. When cleaning, keep changing the cotton wool pads until they come away completely clean.

Step 6 – Use toner

For the final step, use a toner for your face. Not only does it tone your skin, it tightens your pores and also prepares the skin to absorb nutrients. Make sure you avoid the eye area to prevent irritation. Now your skin is perfectly makeup-free and clean, you can start on its nourishment and hydration!

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