The magic of scented candles

December 5, 2017Notino
Since time immemorial, candles have been a powerful symbol used in various rituals and for important events. As long ago as in pagan times, their light represented life and its fragility.

Today, we use candles almost everywhere where we want to conjure a special atmosphere, such as on All Souls’ Day or during the Advent period. Candles are also linked to birthdays, where they represent fulfilled wishes. People believe that the smoke from blown-out candles carries our wishes to the stars.

What’s the scent of Christmas?

One of the ways you can prepare for the most beautiful holiday of the year is choosing the right candles. Small or big, round or square, scented or non-perfumed, in various colours, forms and sizes, candles are an essential accessory and a wonderful decoration for all festive occasions.

Candles turn a house into a home. These days, you no longer have to rely on traditional candles in Advent wreaths. Make your own wreath the way you like and scent your home with a new and different fragrance for each Advent Sunday. Scented candles offer not just the purifying and calming beauty of flame, but also the therapeutic strength of aromatic essences. To create the right Christmas atmosphere, try candles from the American company Bath & Body Works. Warm Vanilla Sugar will enchant you with its balanced aroma of vanilla, coconut, rice and sandalwood with delicate floral notes.

A Thousand Wishes will get you in the right mood through a composition of sandalwood, sugar, amber, almonds and musk. Its warm essence also contains notes of champagne and quince. Both these candles are sold in beautiful glasses that include a lid for easier storage.

Scented candles also make an ideal present for any budget. You can also buy niche candles as luxury decorations, such as those from Byredo or Diptyque. Try the Muguet, a first-class aromatic candle with the scent of lily of the valley, or the Oranger by Diptyque. The Oranger has a beautifully rich aroma of oranges and orange leaves, bringing a wonderful fragrance to your home, and you are also sure to admire its highly original minimalist design.

If you like to use more candles at a time, try surrounding yourself with the luxurious and yet affordable Luminum Candles. Discover the new soft Christmas scent of sandalwood with Premium Aromatic Sandalwood or try Premium Aromatic Vanilla with the rich and creamy aroma of vanilla.

Both candles burn cleanly and for a long time thanks to the high quality of the ingredients that are used. Their simple design allows countless combinations, so you can decorate your home however you like.

The renowned Yankee Candles are a popular Christmas classic. The buttery aroma of Christmas sweets with vanilla is captured in Christmas Cookie and Red Apple Wreath which can fill your home with the festive scent of sweet apples, cinnamon, walnuts and ginger. Yankee Candle also offers wax for aromatic lamps. Try the magical scent of cinnamon and cloves in Sparkling Cinnamon. As a cheaper option, Yankee Candle offers smaller votive candles that can last for up to 15 hours. One example is the votive variant of the elegant Winter Glow, capturing the dreamy atmosphere of frozen leaves on snowy trees in the cool air. If this selection didn’t catch your interest, you can find other wonderful and inexpensive scents here.

Candles are simply an essential part of home comfort and Christmas. What will your holidays smell like?

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